A Salute to Working Moms!

Over the last few weeks, I've probably taken on more than I should have - with the remodeling project, a new kitty, and starting the garden. But I have a new appreciation for what it must be like to be a working mom.

The construction project takes most of my day and I'm mentally and physically focused on it until the sun begins to fade. That leaves only a short time for cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and anything else!

I still tried to cook everything from scratch, but it wasn't the same leisurely, relaxing activity it used to be. In fact, I even ordered pizza one night! Yes, I did! I felt so overwhelmed and I finally understood how working parents can fall into the take-out trap.

Our house wasn't as clean as it usually is, the laundry piled up some, and there was no food in the house. Needless to say, this caused some marital strain...

But honestly, the worst part was having to shop in the evening. I always seemed to be one board or one pipe short and I'd have to not only stop at the grocery store, but the hardware stores too. And the stores are loaded with people at night!! Who knew? Well, actually I knew, but I hadn't thought about it in years since all my shopping is usually done in the early morning.

Working moms, I don't know how you survive. And I salute you! I'm looking forward to finishing my project so I can go back to my easy (in comparison) life.


The Coupon Cowgirl said...

Thanks for the shout-out on working moms....I gave a shout-out for the stay at home moms on my blog. I admire you for doing all that you do with your children. Being a working mom is a balancing act, but being a stay at home mom deserves so much more appreciation than it is given. Hooray for all of us moms...getting paid to work, or working at home without pay! :)

abbygail said...

Thank you so much for this! I absolutely understand that a SAHM is not the easies job sometimes (my mom was a SAHM to 5), but no one does the laundry, cooking, cleaning, gardening, for me while I am at work, not to mention play time! So instead of 16 hours or so a day to do this work, I only have 5. Thanks for the post!

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