New Swag Code! Win 50 swagbucks instantly!

Search & Win
Swagbucks is offering the Suburban Jungle Readers a new swagcode - worth 50 swagbucks!
To use the code: sign up for Swagbucks and enter the code: SWAGNATION5

This code is active beginning Sunday, May 2nd at Midnight PST and ends on Friday May 7th at noon PST. This code is for new accounts only, sorry.

But there's still something in it for the rest of us: during this week, swagbucks will be doubling the amount of "winning moments." I've posted before about consistently winning twice (and even three times a day.) Well, since the big change, I've only been winning once a day. Total bummer. This week, it looks like things go back to the way they were and we'll all have the chance to win more than once per day. Happy searching everyone!
This code is active on Sunday May 2nd at Midnight PST and expire Friday May 7th at noon PST.


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