My new career on Youtube

My husband has been hinting at how great it will be when I can work again. Huh? I remember working. It sucked! But he's talking about the income side of things. lol Well...I'm thinking about making a career out of youtube videos. I've already set up my account and have uploaded a whopping 2 videos so far.

Before I got a cat, I spent a zillion hours (literally) watching crazy cat footage. I loved it. And I thought, "just imagine all the cuteness I can capture once our cat moves in." Easier said than done, I must say. Our cat does a lot of crazy things. Some cute. Some infuriating. But I always seem to be 2 seconds too late. Or the camera isn't charged. Or my kids start yelling during the video. Ugh!

Some things - while completely video worthy - will not be caught on tape. She's been climbing my drapes (screams!) and I've got to run for our spray bottle rather than the video camera because I have got to stop that horrible (yet video worthy) habit.

As we progress in cat toilet training and learning to play fetch, I expect many great video moments. I just might miss a lot of them.

But I haven't given up dreams of cat video stardom just yet. It just may need to be something I do when my kids are at any other job plans. ;)


bbcd mama said...

That's one fiesty kitten!

Hey - I'm not sure how you follow, but my Target Giftcard Giveaway is ending soon! I'm trying to get my Blogger girls following me again on WP. Thanks! Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

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