My 2010 Garden

It's too early to plant most things yet, but the early garden has been started and is growing well. Here's a quick update:
Take a look at these blueberries! All those flowers become berries (if all goes well.) I have 4 blueberry bushes, and all but one (that was snapped in the winter... so sad) is growing well.

Our sugar snap peas. I'm hoping they'll revive my children's love (or at least tolerance) of peas.
The greens. Swiss Chard, Lettuce, Spinach....and a surprise at the bottom of the photo.
Heaven help me when my husband recognizes these and realizes I finally planted them. It's been a 3 year debate. And I just love them so.....

I also have tons of strawberry and raspberry plants. They're all doing well and starting to form flowers. I'll have updated berry pictures soon.


Dee said...

It looks great! Its not too early here and our fields are starting to come to life!

bbcd mama said...

I've only done veggies! I think it almost gets too hot too fast here to grow berries. I'd LOVE fresh berries, though!

Anonymous said...

Looking great Angela. I just got done planting our vegetables..cant wait!

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