I put Soft Paws on my Kitten

Siberian cat wearing soft paws to prevent declawingAre you going to declaw? - that is the number one thing people ask me when they find out we have a cat. Honestly, I'd prefer not to declaw. That being said, Reya has developed a habit of climbing my drapes and shredding my favorite dining chairs. @#!#!@!@

Fortunately, I had the chance to review Soft Pawsjust in time. Before I lost my mind that is! I'm not big on owning things, but I like to keep the things I do own looking nice. Not cat shredded.

She and I were in the midst of a fierce battle of wills. Neither of us wanting to compromise and both of us mad at each other, when the mailman arrived and brought our very own package of hot pink -kitten sized- soft paws.

I didn't even wait. I grabbed her and put them on. I was shaking. It was my first time applying "nails" to a cat. She did great. She didn't even care. She never even noticed that she was wearing nail caps. She just demanded food.

But soon after eating, she went to shred (and climb) my favorite chair. And she fell on her rear. Wahoo! I was so happy. Not because I like to see kitty's fail, but because she could no longer do the damage she loved so much. She tried again and looked at me like, "what's the deal?" Then she gave it up.

She tried in a few other places but eventually forgot about the things she liked to climb. In fact, it's been about 2 weeks now and she doesn't even look at my drapes anymore. Yes!!!!

But it hasn't all been smooth sailing. For one thing, in my initial application, I glued her hair to her nails (twice) and was unable to put 2 of the soft paws on until a few days later. But even with only 8 nails covered, she wasn't able to inflict damage.
Do not declaw your cats. Alternative to declawing.
Because she was only 12-14 weeks old at the time of review and I had clipped her nails the morning before our Soft Paws arrived, some of her nail caps came off. I'd say we lost at least one cap every other day. But even still, she had lost interest in a lot of her old damaging habits and was also unable to do as much damage as before.

The lost caps were also easy to replace.

There are a few things you should know about Soft Paws. For one, they come in all sorts of awesome colors. Yes, I chose hot pink! I think they look great, and they are easy to spot when one goes missing.

Second, she can do all of her "cat behaviors" with them on. She can scratch (and she does.) She can jump. She can run. She can grab toys and use the litter box. She can do everything except climb. And damage while she scratches.

I'm very happy with our few weeks of using Soft Paws. And I'll continue to use them. As she gets bigger and I get better at applying them, I'm sure they'll stay on longer.

If you are considering de-clawing or even if you just need a product for the transition time between kitty coming home and surgery, I'd highly recommend them. I'd also recommend touching and holding your kittens paws as often as possible. In addition to making it easier to apply things like Soft Paws, it will be easier to trim their nails, hold them, and have them checked at the vet.

*No compensation was received for this review. I did receive a complimentary package of Soft paws and did use them on my kitten. She's seen in the photos above.


blueviolet said...

My daughter won't declaw her cat either. For the most part, it's not an issue. She's had them capped at the vet but it didn't last long. I'm going to ask her about these.

Carrie said...

impressive. after 2 hours and a lot of scratches my mom and i finally got them on my cat and then she spent the next 2 hours doing nothing but chewing them right off.

Bridget said...

I'm really glad you're not declawing your kitty; I think declawing is really cruel. I've heard that it's more than just removing the claws; it's more synonomous with having your fingers removed up to the first knuckle. My cats aren't declawed, they've ruined the couch but oh, well...

Anonymous said...

Is the application easy?I have a crazy cat!

Leland said...

I work in a vet office... a tech and I refuse to declaw my cats. For anyone who doesn't know how it's done think about cutting you finger off at the first knuckle. :( I started using soft paws after I moved in with my BF. Since it wasn't just my stuff now I had to do something to protect his stuff. These have saved us from a lot of fights!

Anonymous said...

They are awesome I thought our cats would be an insane struggle but I got them on the front paws of all three in about a half and hour and they haven't bothered with them. Yes I did accidentally glue my boy cats fur together on one but I'll get it on in a few days. He also doesn't seem to thrilled with the fact that they are navy blue. I think he would prefer clear, but my Spotsy girl seems to love her pink glitter nails!!

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