Cat Toilet Training - Part 3

We have reached the next stage of Cat Toilet Training. I have upped the height of her litter box and she is now using a 50/50 mix of flushable (corn - it's yellow, lol) and clay litter. Within the week, we should be able to straight to a 100% flushable litter and move the tray onto the toilet!

Wahoo! I am so excited for the next stages. Litter-free life, here we come! In case you're wondering; things have been going swimmingly so far. She has stopped complaining about the litter box and just uses it.

We did have one incident with a cling-on, but I think that's more because of her long fur rather than the toilet training. The next time you see this toilet, there will be a litter box on top of it!


Coupon Teacher said...

We have a cat with long fur too, and we actually trim his hair done his back legs. It looks funny when we first do it, but it really helps with the cling-ons!

Anonymous said...

I had a cat once that learned to use the toilet because if she ever pooed where she wasn't supposed to, we'd flush it. Smartest cat I ever had!
I'd love to know if this process works. I have 2 cats in an apartment and would love to have a litter-free life :].

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