What did you do for Spring Break?

Every week, my son has to bring to something for "sharing" in his kindergarten class. This week they had to share "what they did over spring break." Awesome. I thought my son would talk about building forts in the forest, looking for honeybees, fertilizing berries with smelly seaweed, egg hunting parties, playing with friends..... Anything but what he ended up telling the teacher.

When it was my son's turn to get up and share, he joyfully told the class: "I spent my spring break earning money. I got paid to give my mom massages."

His teacher has got to think I'm some sort of child molester. Seriously!!! I feel like I should write her an email to explain, but it would probably only make it worse.

And in case you're wondering, I paid him $1, one time. My kids get up before 6AM every day. No matter what! Even if they stay up until midnight, they will be in my room, jumping on me before six.

So on one of those days, I rolled over on my stomach and the kids continued their jumping. Then I realized..."Hey this violent jumping feels a little like a massage." And so the free morning massages were born.

Every morning I was jumped on and steam rolled until I finally dumped myself off the side of the bed. A bad (really bad) thing had been turned to good.

Then my son figured out we (yep, my husband liked this free massage idea too) were enjoying the abuse and he turned his jumping into foot digging/walking. Now we had a legitimate deep tissue massage. One bright and early morning he was jumping and walking on my back in all my most knotted up spots, and I said, "Thank you...you know I really should pay you for such a good massage."

And that's where it all started. I gave him $1. The next morning he arrived in my room at 5AM. He jumped up on my back and started walking around. Then he asked, "you're going to pay me for this, right?"

OMG! What did I create? My response: "I can, but I won't be able to pay you every time you want to walk or jump on my back. Mom would run out of cash." And with that, he jumped off and ran off to play.

I'd like to say this ended the early morning assaults but it didn't. It just got rid of my free massages. Now he comes into my room, opens the drapes to the blaring spring sunshine and asks for breakfast.


singedwingangel said...

roflmbo... umm yeah ya might wanna explain that to the teacher and explain to your son the better way to explain something.

Lisa said...

love it.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I bet teacher has heard many things from kids before.

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