A Stitch in Time Saves $30

I just spent the last 20 minutes fighting with our insurance company. They made an error, and I was charged 2 copays for one doctor's visit. Today was my 4th conversation between the insurance company and the clinic.

To most people, making 4 phone calls (or even 1) isn't worth $30. Or maybe you just get your bills and pay whatever it says on the bill. They don't make mistakes, right? Wrong! The reason I'm willing to fight with our insurance is because they do make mistakes, and often. Sometimes it's a $20 error and sometimes it's a $200 error. Either way, when they are wrong, they should fix it.

This not my first or even tenth time I've had a dispute with our insurance company over payment. Over the years, I've recovered hundreds of dollars by requiring them to stick to our contract and pay what is due.

It's tough, long, and exhausting work, but it's the right thing to do. Every time I resolve a claim with them, I think about what happens when others pay whatever bill they're sent. Of all the people who think $30 isn't worth fighting for. Imagine the extra money the insurance company is pocketing.

This claim was small, but I've fought with insurance over bills that were in the hundreds. And when they are wrong, they don't admit it easily. And sometimes they make errors while correcting the original problem. It usually takes at least 3 phone calls. But by documenting everything as your talking, and knowing your rights, you can win against them.

Check your bills carefully and dispute things that are inaccurate. It will save you money. It will build your confidence. And it will help you be a better negotiator in other aspects of your life.

What do you have to lose? A few minutes on the phone and a fear of standing up for yourself. And if it turns out your wrong and you don't recover any money? Well, at least you tried. :)


supermomplace said...

thats what I say! its not the amount its the principle of it. While organizing my taxes this year and calling around for receipts ans stuff I found out that my OB over charge me $617, they kept a positive balance for a whole year no one felt the decency to write me a check! I was so pissed, if I didn't call I would have never known I have this money sitting in their account. dr office and insurance can't be trusted I always go over my bills several time before I pay.

Tara said...

Good for you! I have found many discrepancies on my medical bills before. Right now, we are in a huge fight with our insurance company over a $5,000 surgery bill. They claim my husband's knee surgery was a cosmetic surgery! What??? Who gets cosmetic surgery on their knees!?!?

liz said...

Good for you! I'm a big documenter as well. I record the day, time and name of person I spoke with, along with what s/he tells me. It can really make a difference in getting a resolution!

momondealz said...

I so am with you on this! I am going through a dispute now with my OB but at least the insurance company is on my side. It's such a hassle!

CherylK said...

I totally agree with you...it's a pain but it's the only way they don't run us over with a steam roller. Good for you!

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