Planting Projects - what worked; what didn't

Over this last year, I've performed a bunch of indoor "plant experiments" to see what I could and couldn't do with our household plants.

In case you had the urge to stretch the boundaries of plant growing habits, here's a list of what worked and what didn't.

What worked
Planting Marigolds and Petunias from seeds gathered in the fall
Keeping flowering perennials in pots and having them come alive again in spring (except for iris)
Keeping a poinsettia alive for over 6 months (it's still going strong but will need to leave for kitty's safety)

What didn't
Growing garlic in an indoor pot from a grocery store bulb (it started so beautifully and then died)
Keeping an iris dormant inside a pot and hoping it would revive in spring
Moving outdoor potted plants inside for the winter (they grew but bugs came with - yuk!)


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