Long Distance Babies

When the weather is nice, I take my babies on long treks through forests, trails, and city streets. I've been doing it ever since my children were really little.

Today I took my children on a 4 mile walk. It's spring, the weather is beautiful, and we love to get outside. Plus it's great exercise. But to us, it's so much more.

At 18 months, I sold every stroller we owned....so my babies would walk. We walked for short distances and then when my daughter turned 2, we started planning a trip to Disneyworld. In case you haven't been to Disney, be forewarned that there is a lot of walking. Not that you can't handle it, but wear good shoes. ;)

In preparation for Disney, I started to increase our distance and by the time we took our trip; my kids were routinely walking 2 miles at a time 3 or 4 times a week. Without whining. In the end, I borrowed strollers from my sister and we pushed them through Disney. That way we could stick to the schedule and not lose anyone (there were a lot of little kids in our group.) It turned out great. My husband and I actually lost a few pounds from all the walking.

Now we go for 3 or 4 mile walks (sometimes less, sometimes more) and they can't get enough of it. They love the exploration. They love going farther than they've went before. And...they love the uninterrupted time with mom. For 1 to 3 hours, they can talk to me about anything they want. No phones, computers, friends, or chores are around to lure me away.

I'm hoping to install in them a lifelong love of nature, being active, and spending quality time together. They have increased their endurance tremendously, they can even run a large chunk of the time, and they've gotten great at identifying plants (especially berries, lol.) There hasn't been a day yet that they've turned down a walk or time outside. In fact, we are trying to schedule enough time to walk to and from school for the rest of the school year. It's a little less than 2 miles each way. Can we do it? Well, we did it two days ago...as a trial run without any deadlines and I'm sure we can.

My son is extremely excited. I asked him why he wanted to walk to school, and he answered, "because we can." That's what I'm talking about! We have legs and it's beautiful outside, so we might as well use them.


Lauren @ Just Add Lauren said...

That is great! I hope when I have kids, they will have that same love of nature and activity. There is so much of the world to explore, and you just miss it all by driving everywhere (not to mention the driving/eating/talking on the phone combinations). My husband and I routinely take walks at night for 4-5 miles. I find that it is the best time for us to talk and catch up, since we have no phones, computers, tvs, etc to distract us.

singedwingangel said...

OH how I wish Ihad places to take my kids like that.. it would be wonderful..

Mary said...

How old are your "babies"? Did I read right that your two year old was walking two miles three to four times a week? Wow!

My mother-in-law likes to tell me about my husband when he was two or three. "Let's go for a walk on our own little feet", she suggested. "Let's go for a walk in my own little stroller", he responded.

Stephanie said...

A wonderful post! My husband & I have two girls - a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old. We love hiking on the weekends. In fact, we're planning to go on an 8-mile hike this Saturday (call us crazy!). ;)


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