I just saved $50-$100 in my garden. Yay!

A blueberry bud just about to open. I love spring!

I'm remodeling my garden once again. It's tougher than you'd think to get all the organic goodness you desire from a 10' x 6' space. Actually, I think I could get close to producing everything I want if my husband would ease up a bit on the "organization" and "beauty" categories. But regardless, I've been drawing out my garden plans for the last few weeks. And this week I sprung into action.

A few years ago, I moved all my raspberries to the edge of the forest (sniffles) in the hopes that they'd take over the edge of the forest while freeing up more veggie space in the garden. Well, as luck would have it, the forest is a rough place for raspberries to flourish. They've been hanging on, but the tree/weed/rodent competition is intense. And then there's the shade and water shielding from the vast leaf canopy above.

This seasons, I vowed to bring my berries back into the garden space. I love the way they go wild and overproduce in the garden. But I couldn't bear to remove any of the forest berries. There are two things in this world that I hoard: toilet paper and berries. I still have visions of berries growing wildly along the forest AND taking over the garden.

So I had decided I'd buy 4 or 5 new raspberry plants to repopulate the garden. All real gardeners are now rolling their eyes. But I'm telling you that the berries do not sucker profusely in the forest. It was an unexpected travesty. They don't reach their full height, they don't sucker as much, and they don't produce as many berries. The berries they do make are instantly stolen (chipmunks and birds) and they are always fighting for water/nutrients with the trees.

So I didn't want to take any of the berries from the forest edge. I wanted them to have the best chance to take over the space. As luck would have it, the nurseries did not have the variety of raspberries I wanted. I'm sure I could have found them eventually, but I sucked up my berry greed, and went into the forest to begin transplanting the berries. I took 5 canes and planted them into the garden. My husband gasped when I told him. At our gardening stores, raspberry plants vary from $10-$19 each. So by transplanting from what I already have; I did, in effect, save us between $50-$100.

Then as I always do...I got crazy with the project. Since our garden borders a neighbor's yard and raspberries are prone to escaping, I dug a 14" deep trench all around the garden and buried an impenetrable barrier along the entire garden. So impenetrable that I could barely cut it with our heavy duty tin snips. Suddenly my tiny garden seemed so huge (heavy digging will have that effect on you.)

This is going to sound wimpy, but it took me 2 hours to dig. We have clay. And it's solid. Technically, I shouldn't be digging yet, but I just can't resist it. And with that, I'm not feeling so bad about unplugging my treadmill. We put in away during construction so it wouldn't get destroyed, but I've had plenty of exercise without it. :)


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