Hormel Chili - a new twist?

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I love chili. I mean, really LOVE chili. I make side items (like bread bowls, rolls, or tortilla chips) just so I can make chili. If you even mention the name, my kids would probably get squirmy because, according to them, I make it too often.

I'm a master at vegetarian chilis and meat/tomato based chili so I've never purchased them in a can, but a few months ago I had a coupon for a free jar of hormel Chili Masters chili. I had heard of Hormel chili before. Mostly from commercials and advertisements, but this was my first time buying it. I scoped out the chili aisle of my usual grocery store and found White Chicken chili. Up until that point, I had never made or tried white chicken chili (I need to get out more, huh?)

So I bought one jar. It looked and smelled good, but one jar is not really enough for a family of 4 (we had a house guest at the time, so we were technically a family of 5.) Or was it? Hormel may not like this idea, but I added a few cups of chicken broth to the jar of white chicken chili. I added our "instant" chili to some homemade bread bowls and we all had a delicious (and inexpensive) meal.

I've since been on the pursuit for the perfect white chicken chili recipe. I've made a few, but haven't replicated the recipe quite yet. The Chili Masters white chicken chili was really, really good. In the meantime, I've been trying all sorts of new chili combinations. I recently added guacamole to my chili and Yum-o-rama! Check out hormelrecipes.com and you'll see all kinds of great chili recipes and combinations.

My favorite way to eat chili is in it's natural form - in a bowl. But my kids love to make chili nachos, my husband loves to add cheese, and I'm serious about adding guacamole.

While reading up for this post, I took a look at a lot of Dinty Moore and Hormel ads. I think it's funny how cartoonish ad's used to be, and now they feature pictures of lush veggies and more vibrant colors. One thing has remained the same, though. The Dinty Moore and Hormel ads still focus on chili being "hearty," "not dainty," and a "full-meal".

And that's still true. We were very satisfied when we ate our Chili Masters meal (even though I watered it down with chicken broth.) And I think Chili makes a full-meal. It has beans, veggies, possibly meat. Anything else is just extra.

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