Cat Toilet Training - Part 2

Our kitty is adapting to the smaller litterbox and I've been slowly (read: slowly) decreasing the amount of litter in the pan. She's been doing well with little complaint, so I took the next steps. I removed the towel and raised the box about an inch.
Try to ignore the huge litter mess. We have an insane litter flicker, and I'll be so glad when she's fully trained. I do vacuum daily (and usually more often,) but this is what it really looks like after she's been in the box.

I used a serving platter to slightly raise the box and once she's adapted to this, I'll raise it up even higher. It will eventually sit on the toilet seat, and then I'll start removing the center rings. But I've got to start switching to a toilet safe/biodegradable litter. Oh the joys!

Wish us luck because we really want this to work. As I'm changing the box multiple times a day and constantly cleaning up litter, I know that giving up would be easier, but I also know that everything worth doing takes effort.

Plato said, "The beginning is the most important important part of the work." And he couldn't have been more right. I'm hoping that much like sleep training, the veggie fights, and toilet training our children; we'll be able to look back and say the upfront investment was worth the effort.


Miriam T. said...

Oh! I just got my CitiKitty last week! The cats were already on the toilet so next week I get to start poking holes in this sucker. I can't wait!

Good luck! :)

Miriam T. said...

Oh! I forgot to ask...does Reya play with those cool little mice you made awhile ago?

Luvdaylilies said...

Best of luck with your efforts! I have two cats so I know how nice it would be for you to accomplish this=)

Angela said...

Miriam, She loves the mice - especially the yucky ones. lol

The two brown ones are currently missing. :( Under a couch probably.

Miriam T. said...

Haha! Beauty is in the eye for the beholder I guess! I'm still waiting for you to launch your line of catnip mice so I can buy a couple! ;)

For the missing mice....make sure you check under the stove. That seems to be where a lot of my cats' toys end up.

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