Cat Toilet Training - Part 1

Long before we adopted Reya, I had plans to potty train her. Toilet training, that is. As I was busy thinking about how I'd go about it, CitiKitty graciously sent me their toilet training kit.

I packed it away until the day our kitty came home. My plan was to use the Cittykitty kit as our litter box and seamlessly start our training process.

But our kitty refused to use the litterbox the entire first day. At some point in the middle of the night, my husband swapped out my little Citikitty box for a big (regular sized) litter box. And she used it. She used it often, and was doing a great job.

But I had other plans..... We all know that cats dislike change, so I did the most logical crazy thing and swapped not only the litter box but also the location. I swapped her back to the Citikitty box and moved it right next to the toilet in one day.
She mewed and voiced her complaints. She complained about the rearrangement and she complained about the smaller quantity of litter. But like a good little kitty, she used the litterbox. And hasn't had any accidents.

She does, however, make quite the mess. She flicks the litter all over the place (hence the towel) and has taken it upon herself to wrap the towel over the box after she's finished, since she feels there just isn't enough litter inside. That part (while gross) is quite cute.

I'm sure she will have words for me next week when the "box" goes up in height and the litter starts phasing into a biodegradable/flushable litter. I'll update our progress...


Frugal Vicki said...

Why didn't you post this years ago (you know, before I even knew you???) I would love to have potty trained cats. It would have saved me thirty bucks at the dry cleaners this week.

Angela said...

LOL - We're still optimistically hoping our kitty will figure it out and use the toilet. :)

Apparently, my mother in law had 2 cats that were toilet trained growing up. So it can be done! Here's hoping!

Heather! said...

I ran across this product a couple of months ago, and have been REALLY curious to know how cats would react to it! I'm so glad somebody else took the plunge...thanks! :D I'll be checking back to see how it goes. Fingers crossed...wouldn't it be GREAT to not have a litter box to clean?!


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