Bring out Your Dead!

When it warms up around here, everyone flocks to the outdoors. Our streets go from ghost towns to time square over night. It's wonderful to see everyone again and be filled with the energy of spring. But it's also a fantastic time to get some yardwork done.

As soon as our snow had melted, I was outside cleaning up all of our shrubs and perennials. I just couldn't resist. Over 100 plants later, I was still itching for yardwork (or gardening.) So I did what any trespassing rational adult would do. I moved on to my neighbors' yards.

In all fairness, I did ask permission of all but one neighbor. She was out of town and I'm 99.9% sure she'd be glad I did the work. She usually lets it go until I can't take it anymore and beg her to let me clean up her plants. Besides, by asking me to take care of her mail/garbage/fish, she knew I'd be spending time in her yard. And her yard was asking for it!

It's the same thing every year. I tried hard to resist escaping my own borders this year, but just couldn't help myself. Gardening is like an itch that needs to be scratched. By waiting all winter, I get a little wild once spring arrives. :) You should see my compost pile!

**Oh yeah, the title.... I can't help but think of the Monty Python scene where they roll through the streets, ringing a bell, and shouting "bring out your dead" when I pull dead plants from the ground. It's crazy, but it's what crosses my mind.


blueviolet said...

I can NOT believe you moved to your neighbor's yard for more yard work! Where are you when I need you? GET OVER HERE!!!

AStarrA said...

Yeah you can so come over any time you want!! :)

Your sister said...

You should really leave that dead stuff on there until the threat of frost is gone. It helps to protect the new growths.

Jessica-MomForHim said...

You can clean up my yard--I won't be offended--and I know it needs it! (I'm not kidding--feel free to jump in!) :-)

Areeba said...

I wish you were my neighbor!

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