Bird Battles

WARNING: What you are about to read involves Bird Brutality!

Last year we found a bird nest under our deck. We were excited to see the baby birds hatch and develop.... but that never happened. The birds had no way of knowing this area of our deck receives extreme rainfall (gutter) and the baby birds were drowned.

It was devastating, but we left the nest up so that the birds would see the warning and not rebuild in this area. But they didn't get the memo. A new bird moved into the death nest and 4 additional nests were built right next to the original.

I was disturbed by this, but let it go while we worked on other projects. Until yesterday. I was out cleaning up construction debris when a robin dive-bombed my face. She missed me by mere centimeters. I was shocked and angry. Then my daughter said, "at least he didn't poop on you this time."

She was right. In my 3 decades, birds have pooped on me 4 times. I only know one other person with as much bird-related luck, and ironically, while we were discussing our good fortune, a bird pooped on her! Sorry Jessica!

So I was lucky that the bird didn't use me for a toilet, but not so lucky that she decided to stick around. I decided right then and there that I would get rid of the nests. Really, it's for their own good. Any of their babies would end up dying again, but the bird was not seeing it that way.

She repeatedly dive bombed me while I broke apart all five nests and dumped them in the trash. She almost knocked me off of the ladder. And each time she dove at me, she stopped only feet from me. Staring. Preparing. Getting ready to attack again!

I can understand the maternal instinct, but seriously! The babies will die under the deck. After it was all cleared away, I went back to my work, only to find the bird rebuilding the nest again!

So I threw an acorn at her. She flew a few feet away. And I chased her. Yelling like a wild animal. She stopped again, and another acorn hit the side of her.

I found a few more pieces of re-built nest this morning, but we also had a big rainstorm last night. Maybe the combination of the demolition, assault, and rain will convince her to build elsewhere - like that beautiful bird house that's been vacant for the last 3 years!!!

I know this was brutal, but it really was for her own good. And though the acorns may have been thrown with a little anger behind them, it was because she wasn't getting the message. It's really not in me to attack animals. I'd be happy to have her build anywhere else in the yard or under the deck - just not in the death zone!


J. L. W. said...

It was all done for their benefit. Those poor baby birds.

Small Burst said...

Not brutality if you're trying to help. Hope they stay away this time.

Mary said...

It doesn't seem brutal to me. It's really the same approach that wildlife management officers often employ when dealing with "nuisance" animals. We have not had that kind of story, but we have had a similar problem with robins, in particular, not choosing the best places for their nests. They often pick low bushes or evergreens that are too accessible for house cats or raccoons. We lost several sets of eggs and babies this way. Last year we put a tree surround around a hemlock to keep predators away from a nest. It was interfering with things, I suppose, but then so is letting house cats roam wild to prey on songbirds. The baby robins fledged. I was relieved. But some bird will probably do the same thing this spring.

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Yeah, I must have a "bird toilet bullseye" on me or something. I think after the Disney World incident, I'm at 5 times being used as a bird bathroom. The worst was still the bird diarrhea on our honeymoon...

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