Will Completing Swagbucks Special Offers Get you more Bucks?

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If you're like me, then you love swagbucks. I already search the internet (daily) and winning prizes while searching just makes it that much more fun. But searching isn't the only way to win on swagbucks. You can shop through their marketplace, turn in old cell phones/games, hunt for codes, and complete special offers.

Of all of these, searching is the best way to win. But with the 3.0 change, you can now win swagbucks from the special offers daily. I win between 2-4 swagbucks each time I scroll through the special offers page. In my opinion, that's not worth doing every day, but if you have time to kill, why not?

But I was wondering....what if I actually completed an offer...would I win more swagbucks? So I completed 2 separate offers. One was a coupon printing offer, and the other was a newsletter sign-up. Guess what happened?? I won the same 2 swagbucks I would have won if I didn't take the time to complete the offer. And so the offer skipping goes on.

Instead, I print my coupons from whichever blog I'm reading at the moment. Keep that in mind if you were tempted to "earn" more swagbucks by completing any of the offers. I haven't tried any of the more involved offers but I'm not willing to go through any of the hassle or end up with a zillion spam emails to find out.

I can tell you that I have won big with Swagbucks. I almost always turn my swagbucks into Amazon or Target Giftcards. And I turn them into paypal cash whenever that option goes on "sale."

If you want to sign up for Swagbucks, click here and fill in our info. You'll automatically get 30 swagbucks just for signing up.


Carolina Clover said...

Hi Angela,
Your blog has been tagged at carolinaclover.blogspot.com! I hope you'll read our latest post, tell us about yourself, and keep the tag going by tagging your favorite blogs!

Frugal Vicki said...

I LOVE swagbucks. Last year, I saved up all my bucks all year and then I cashed in to help with gifts.

Alison said...

I <3 swagbucks! I am getting so many kindle books with my giftcards lol. I'm up to 5 Amazon Gift cards... I could have gotten I think another one, but I'm saving it for a rainy day.

Did you know that this week the Paypal ones are on sale?

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Good to know that completing an offer doesn't get you more SBs. Thanks for finding that out for us!

Also, the Paypal sale ends today--but I'm sure you knew that already so hopefully you cashed in! :-)

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