Wii Fit Plus IS better than Wii Fit

I've had the Wii Fit for over a year. I played it often for the first 2 months, and then used it only occasionally as a high tech scale. I would hop on every month and a half to check my weight and do a little yoga. I started to think it was time to donate the game.

But then I got Wii Fit Plusfor Christmas. I had heard it was a big improvement over the Wii Fit , but I was suspicious.

I just cracked open the game this week (yep, more than 2 months after Christmas!) and I'm hear to tell you it IS better than the first Wii Fit.

I'm going to share with you my thoughts on why it's better and why it's still the same, so you know a little more about it.
Why it's better:
  • Nintendo added a whole category of new (fun!) games. My fave is the butt bumping addition game. It's so easy to play, but so much fun. The graphics are cute, the movement is so silly it's fun, and they added math. Everything's better with math. :)
  • There is a new section of goal-specific workout plans. For example, there is a section for back pain. If you want to do 3 exercises in a row that focus on your back, then you select this workout option and you play the 3 games in a row. The benefits: easy selection for goals if you're not sure which games/workouts are most helpful, a mix from all categories you don't feel trapped in one area, and the games play right after each other so you don't have to go through the time waste of selecting from the menu.
  • A few new workout moves were added and the balance tests now include an extra element- the wii remote. It's always nice to change things up, so these are a nice added change.
  • Wii Fit Pluscounts the calories you burn. I'm not a calorie counter (for food or exercise), but it was interesting to note that after 30 minutes of playing the Wii Fit Plus game, I had burned only 36 calories. That's less than 1 oreo. lol If you play the Wii Fit for exercise, than this might be important information. Instead of thinking "I played on the Wii for an hour, so I can have a huge bowl of ice cream," maybe you'll reward yourself with a pedicure and save the ice cream for when you really want to enjoy it.

I play the Wii Fit for fun and variety. I love to play video games (shocker, I know) but not many are family friendly. This one is. And if you end up burning a few calories, then okay. It calculates your calorie burn based on your weight so it's most likely pretty accurate. When you play, you may or may not burn more calories than I do, since I'm only 108 (give or take) pounds.

Why it's the same:
  • Most of the workout activities are the same.
  • You still need to wait through the trainer talking, warnings, and other annoying screens to get to the next workout. This is the one major disadvantage to using the Wii Fit for actual fitness gains.
  • You can still "beat" this game relatively quickly and so some of the fun is lost. Obviously, you could reset your system and start all over, but then you lose your weight tracking as well. I don't know that there is a good way around this. When you have the highest scores, there's not a lot of competitive incentive to try and "improve," but then again, not everyone is as competitive as I am, and may not worry about it.
There are other changes as well, like being able to weigh your pet or child, but those are boring and you could do it with the original Wii fit as well. They just didn't have a pet/baby tab.

*This is not a sponsored or compensated review. Just expressing my opinion on a game I own. :)


Danielle said...

Did the option to weigh kids provide their BMI? I always found they were inaccurate when giving the BMI with the first Wii Fit...

JENIE said...

this is the first time i've heard of this Wii Fit...and it seems truly great. Just the idea of moving thus losing calories is good enough than just sitting down while playing.

thanks for sharing this dear!
life round meNyou

ApachesPrincess said...

Thanks for the review, I appreciate it!

I LOVE yoga, and have been really interested in WII Fit! I hadn't heard of WII fit plus though, so if I decide to buy it (I don't actually have a wii yet) then I will for sure get the plus version!

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