When your kids are sick...Feed them OREOs

We all want our kids to make healthy food choices, but it seems that kids naturally gravitate toward junk food. Maybe it's the marketing or the way we feed them. But either way, I have a potential (yet completely controversial) idea on how to stop a few of the most entrenched cravings.

It's simple. Feed them the most unhealthy foods when they are sick. Most notably, when they are likely to vomit. And according to anecdotal evidence, this may create a lifelong (or at least decades long) aversion to the vomited food.

Here's my evidence. When I was 13, I was hospitalized for severe asthma. The nurses gave me apple juice. I quickly vomited. I did not drink apple juice again for 14 years. I hesitantly tried it when my son was a little over a year old. I had a hard time with it, and it's still my least favorite juice. Because it reminds me of vomit.

My neighbor will not eat bananas since she vomited them as a child. My sister-in-law will not eat mushrooms because she vomited them into her hair. My neighbor's daughter vomited macaroni and cheese at 5 and she's now going on a year of no macaroni and cheese or anything cheddar cheese related. My own son has a huge aversion to eggs due to a vomit incident almost 3 years ago.

So....next time your child tells you their tummy hurts and you think they may need to puke (especially if it's flu season) break out the Oreos. Or fruit snacks. Or any junky food you'd like to nix from their diet. ;)

The trick is keeping the junk in the house without anyone finding it and eating it (including moms.) Feel free to support or negate the theory.

Perhaps you've vomited nachos and they're now your ultimate fave. Or maybe you've hurled oreos and just seeing the picture on the screen has sent you to the bathroom. Either way, I'd love to hear it.


mnkristy said...

My mom totally agrees with that theory. She threw up once after having a chocolate milk shake when she was young. Now at 68 years old, she still won't drink chocolate shakes!! I've personally never experienced this phenomena but I totally see how it could happen.

The Coupon Cowgirl said...

Yep...totally agree. No meringue cookies for me. Christmas time, cookies, vomit....bad story. But the thought of a meringue cookie touching my tongue makes me gag!!! Mom should have given me the oreos or the girl scout cookies (still hooked)!! :)

jodi said...

my kid must be a puke and party kind of tot cuz this theory doesn't work for her.

grammpaula said...

This might just work. My grandson threw up after eating cupcakes. He will still eat cake, but not in cupcake form. How strange is that. He's 16 and hasn't eaten cupcakes for several years.

Kimberly said...

I completely agree with your theory and don't know why I didn't think of doing it before! My daughter has an aversion to cinnamon since she got sick while eating cinnamon toast. My hubby will not drink tomato juice because he was sick and tossed his cookies while drinking some V8. So I know it works!

Great post!

Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said...

Funny but true. My husband refuses to eat scallops because he got sick once and threw them up as a child. He's not allergic to them, but now he won't get near them!

Stella said...

Ha! I had the same experience with rosettes--except I didn't get sick from eating them or eat them while I was sick. I got deathly ill for some unknown reason and the BOX for the rosettes timbale irons was sitting out with a picture of rosettes on it. Just looking at that picture while I was severely nauseous was enough to turn me off for life.

Proud Poppa said...

Awesome, I may try it! I don't know if french fries would work though.


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