What if you won the lottery?

What would you do if you won the lottery? Have you ever thought about it? I've thought about it quite a bit.

But I can honestly tell you that I will never win the lottery. You have to play to win, and I never play. lol

Just because you don't play the lottery, doesn't mean you shouldn't think about it.

Take a second and think of the Top 5 things you would do if you won the lottery. What you'd really do! Then start making those things a reality (unless of course your plans are revenge, then you need to start over and come up with 5 new things.) ;)

Here's what I would do:

1. Buy my 88 year old neighbors house and accompanying 5 acres. I'd let them live there and garden for the rest of their lives, but I'd take the other 4 acres and build an orchard and free-range chicken and honey bee farm.
2. Buy only organic produce, and only pastured humanely raised organic meats. I'd also spend my days lobbying for political change in our food industry.
3. My husband would quit his job.
4. I'd bump up my travel plans. We'd still go to Hawaii this year, but we'd probably set sail for Egypt and Italy too.
5. I'd have plastic surgery. OMG!! I'm just kidding. I'd work out a plan to make an impact with the money I was given. I'm not sure what it would be, but I'd want to make it count.

Okay, so pretty much none of those things are possible without winning the lottery, but answering the lottery question gives you a pretty good idea of what your goals are in life. And there are ways to start working on them.

This is how I'm working toward my lotto-goals:

In my case, I'm making the best berry orchard I can with the yard I have. And the garden...we'll be expanding it this year. Wahoo! I'm growing a fair amount of organic veggies in my garden. Enough to make it through the summer and most of winter.

Even though it's costing more, I'm buying more and more organic produce. And I ONLY by pastured animal products (as humanely raised and preservative free as I can find.) We've taken a few giant leaps and a few small hops on our way to a more organic lifestyle, and the journey's not over yet.

I may not be lobbying congress, but I do write letter and make phone calls. I also talk to everyone that will listen (and many who won't) about why cheap food is not a good option for any of us, and how they can buy better products, waste less, and spend less all at the same time.

My husband is obviously unable to quit his job, but by saving more now, and by eventually going back to work when my kids are in school, I'll be contributing financially and helping to speed up his eventual retirement. Every little bit helps. Now if the stock market could take off. Just kidding. Not really.

As far as traveling, we're making it a priority to take more trips. At least one large one and a few small ones each year. More for the experiences and building memories together than anything else. We always travel frugally whether we're in Morocco or Hawaii. It's possible to do it without a whole lot of money, it just takes some finagling.

While I may never have millions to impact the world, I can still do it one bit at a time. Especially by focusing time on my children. And by being open to what ever comes my way. So, before it's too late; figure out what you really want to do with your life and then start working toward your goals. You'll be glad you did.


Frugal Vicki said...

Thought-provoking post. I have only gotten as far as knowing I will pay off my cc and hospital bills, and a car with third row seating.

Lauren said...

I would pay off my college debt, my car, buy my own place, and donate to charities, missionaries, etc. Then I would give some money to my family.

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

My hubby and I have had this conversation many times. I am thankful we are getting out heads in the game and starting to become better with our money. This world is too unpredictable. Anything can happen. We need to be prepared. I think I may have to blog about this also.

liz said...

Hi Angela! I just found you through FFF on MBC, and am now following you. I thought your post was both sweet and honest. We have been doing the organic thing as well, and keep adding to our list the things we'll only buy organic. I agree that family vacas are important, and I also think about how things will be different once returning to work when the kids are in school. Happy Saturday night! liz

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