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For some people, vacations are all about relaxation. Not me. My ideal vacations are all about adventure. I've been lucky to travel all over the world and my favorite vacations are the ones packed with activities. In my opinion, it's important to see and do all the things that make your destination unique. To do the things you can't do at home.

I've been asked to write this post about visiting Kissimmee, Florida. It's only a few miles away from Orlando, and though I've been to Orlando twice, Kissimmee had never crossed my mind. And that is an absolute shame.

Both of my trips to Orlando were fun, but not quite the way I like to vacation. For example, two years ago we spent a week at Disney. The whole week, minus a few amazing hours at the Discovery Cove. Otherwise, it was all Disney, all the time. That's just too boring for me.

We'll go back to Disney one more time when my kids are older, but I'm spending less than a day there. I'll spend one day at the Discovery Cove, and the other days I'd really like to visit Kissimme.

In fact, I'd probably stay in Kissimmee. With less congestion and Disney-mania, I wouldn't be surprised if we could find an amazing deal on our hotel accommodations. But there's more than that.

Kissimmee is so close to everything you would ever want to see in Florida. It's only an hour away from the Atlantic Ocean. If you've never shown your children the ocean (or seen it for yourself) - do it! Even if you've seen it, watching the wonder in your kids' eyes when they can't wrap their imaginations around such an endless body of water is worth every dollar it took to get there. It's also a lot of fun to hunt for shells and outrun the tide with young kids. Well worth the trip.

You can easily get to the the theme parks, go shopping, or relax on the beach (if that's your style.) But I'd be going there for even more than that.

Kissimmee is a very active place to visit. I checked out the Kissimmee visitor page and was amazed at the incredible things to do! A few of my faves: zip-lining (yay! - We'll be doing this in Maui shortly, but I'm willing to do it twice...or thrice - lol,) horseback riding, birding, biking, hiking, airboat rides, and the Kennedy Space center. All of these types of activities are on my vacation to-do lists.

In the perfect situation, I'd go hiking, biking, zip-lining, hang out at the Atlantic, see a few gators, travel to Discovery Cove and Sea World, and visit the Kennedy Space Center.

Check out these pictures from the Kennedy Space Center.

This would be awesome for any adult to experience, but imagine what your kids would think! I'm annoyed that this was just a few miles away while we were aimlessly roaming Disney. Kissimmee is loaded with active, memory making vacation fun! It's the kind of vacation I want to have! And it's the kind of vacation I will have, next time I head to Florida.

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