Successfully Propogated Wild Black Raspberries!

Last summer, I found wild black raspberries in our forest. Since I want more of them, I tried an experiment. I tip layered the berry canes to see if they would create new growth.

I had meant to go out this winter and clip the tip from the parent cane, but we had way too much snow cover. Amazingly - the cane snapped itself and you can see by the second picture that the tip did indeed sprout roots and has begun to grow leaves. Where there was once 1 - now there are 2. Wahoo!
The cane is the purplish J-shaped stick in the middle. It snapped right in the middle.

New growth on the tip layered cane!

I did tip layer one other black raspberry, but it was damaged by my neighbor's dog. :( Oh well, next year my 2 will be 4.


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