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I'm always looking for books that help me grow as a person and as a parent. The video above references a book by a father that took the time to get to know his daughter. The book is Raising a Father. It's a memoir about a father that leaves his high paying corporate job to make time for what really matters (his family, namely his daughter.)

This type of book appeals to me because there is a lot of wisdom to be gained by learning from others' successes and failures. I would really like to read it because I feel like I made that decision 6 years ago when I became a stay-at-home mother, and may have forgotten why I made that choice in the first place.

Not with my mind, but with my heart. I'm guessing that most of my readers are a lot like me, moms with kids that are striving to make their lives (their whole lives) healthier. But even moms can learn from a dad's lessons.

I'm currently reading a great book about raising boys and although it's taught me a lot about raising my son, it's also taught me a great deal about raising my daughter. I'm going to look for this book and give it a read. I'm sure it will help focus my perspective as a parent and possibly give me a glimpse into what it may be like for my husband. If I can glean some benefit and become a better parent, I'll be happy. But if I can help us both be better parents, that's even better.

I'd also like to read about how they made it and thrived without his income. I'm always interested in good money stories.

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