Karma is a funny, funny thing

A picture of a field vole - the ones that are causing neighborhood strife.

Last summer, there was an assault in my neighborhood. The voles had destroyed many lawns over the winter (my own included) and my neighbors were understandably angry.

So they took it upon themselves to hire a pest control firm to rid the neighborhood of voles, chipmunks, boxelder bugs, wasps, lady bugs (yes, lady bugs!) and many other insects. There was a huge push to get every household involved. I refused.

Fourteen of my closest neighbors encouraged me to join in the battle. I still refused. I quarreled with my husband and he defaulted to me (wahoo!) He was sure that every insect and rodent would use our yard as a safe haven and we'd be inundated with vermin and damage.

Knowing my husband's opinion on my over zealously organic ways, I was a bit worried. But I needn't be! The snow has finally melted and we spent the day outside.

And that's when we saw it. Vole damage. Lots of it! It happened in every one of my neighbors yards and stopped right right at our property line (in 3 distinct borders!)

We're really close to all of our bordering neighbors and they came out to inspect their damage. And laugh. At the irony.


singedwingangel said...

Ha revenge of the voles.. I live in the country we have moles, I have grown accustomed to them. Do they not realize there is apurpose for every animal?? including the lady bugs.. did they know the lady bugs keep aphids off their flowers??

Melonie said...

heehee I have to share a chuckle on that one!

Anonymous said...

Good for you for standing your ground (no pun intended); it's not easy with all that peer pressure. About two months ago, here in UT, two little girls died after their family hired a rat exterminator company. On a somewhat related note, I watched a DVD last night, "The Real Dirt on Farmer John", it's a little old, I think from 2005; but I loved it. It's more about losing farms but he does address organic farming.

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