How the Weather Affects our Lives

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The Weather affects almost everything in my family. And living in the Northern United States, we have a very special relationship with our weather. Winter, in particular. It's long, dreary, and cold and makes us want to take long baths and stay in the house....forever.

This week, we had a warming spell and every day was over 30 degrees. All you Southerners would never believe it but we haven't worn coats or mittens all week! It's been lovely, but surprising. I usually only track the weather if I remember to stay up and watch the news. Since I haven't been keeping up, we were caught off guard by the sunshine and warm weather.

We've taken advantage of it too. We've been out playing in the snow (still 5 feet on the ground) every day. We've walked through the forest, broken up ice, recovered plants whose snow had melted, and moseyed around the garden. It's been wonderful!

I decided to get smarter about the weather and looked at our forecast on AccuWeather. I was impressed with how easy it was to use! It was easy, straightforward, and accurate. The information was spot-on for our week's warm up, and our forecast looks sunny. Yes! I really should have checked on this earlier, because next week looks like the perfect weather for tapping our Maple trees.

Checking a one-stop site like this, would make my life a whole lot more organized. Now I know when we are going to tap our trees. I'll use it to plan indoor playdates on rainy days (I'm sure responsible moms already do this, lol), and I can plan our vacation travels.

I've already used the site to get a good handle on the weather in Hawaii and will use it plan what to pack. I wish I had done that for Disneyworld.
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ApachesPrincess said...

Yes, that sounds exactly like us! It has been a long dreary, cold Winter over in Minnesota, but this week has been wonderful! It is almost spring time!

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