How to get your Wife to Wash the car!

My husband loves a clean car. I've always kept my cars tidy, but have never really been motivated to wash them more than once or twice a year. I understand the maintenance reasons to wash them, and how much better they look and all the other car washing arguments.

But when my husband starts to talk about it, all I can think is "blah, blah, blah." It's as boring to me as my recycling discussions are to him.

A few months ago, he finally figured out how to get me to wash the car. He bought an unlimited car wash plan. It's $19.95 a month. OMG! Knowing that I'm paying for car washes whether I use them or not has motivated me beyond belief. I've had the car wash plan for 3 months now, and I'm averaging 4 washes a month.

Since we're conveniently located in the suburbs, I can hit the carwash on every return trip from the store or my kids activities. I'm all about getting a deal, and Zero or One carwash each month for $19.95 is NOT a deal. So if car washing is a problem in your home and you have a frugalista for a wife, this just may be the trick for you. It worked for me, and I'm a very anti-car washing person.

**Green Alert* I'm well aware of the environmental toll of car washing, but they are a necessary evil in the northern states. Our roads are so salty in the winter, and we need to get that off our cars, out of our garages, and off of our clothes. It will quickly eat through metal, destroy your concrete floors, and stain your clothes. In my opinion, repairing and replacing those items cost a lot more than the amount of water or money spent on car washing. If our cities eventually change to a less toxic form of road care (and I wish they would, the damage to our streets/cars/yards/water supply is horrible!) then I may be able to negotiate my husband out of a winter car washing plan. :)


Lisa said...

Salt is a bad thing for cars. Glad it is a seldom-needed addition to our winters. I am SO not into washing the car and cannot imagine spending 19.95 a month to do so! But, I see your husband's point. I would be washing it every day just to get my money's worth! lol!

Lisa @ All That and a Box of Rocks

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine wasting money or water that way, and I live in Maine. But, whatever works for you!

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