French Fries are the # Veggie that American kids eat

You've probably seen it in almost every article discussing children and veggies. French Fries (aka the potato) are the number one veggie eaten by children. If that's true in your household, I urge you to try making some yummy homemade french fries.

They are easy, inexpensive, and actually healthy. :)

This is all you need to make tasty french fries at home. Pictured here are four medium sized potatoes (washed and cut up with the skins on), olive oil, pepper, and salt.

I chop my potatoes by hand. You can get crazy with the shape and make them fun, but just be sure to make them about the same size. That way they call cook in the same time. Just wash, chop, drizzle with a smidge of olive oil (I literally mean a smidge!,) sprinkle with a little salt and pepper and pop them in your preheated oven (400 F).

Cook for 30-40 minutes depending on your oven. You'll know when they're done. They'll be soft, yet crispy...if you've eaten fries, then you'll know.

How much will they cost you? Well, a 5lb bag of non-organic potatoes routinely goes on sale in my area for 48-98 cents. The regular price is around $2.99. 5lbs is about 18 medium potatoes. You will use barely any oil or seasonings, so that cost is negligible. Even if you go wild with the spices (paprika, thyme, and rosemary are yummy) it won't be much. The potatoes in my photo cost me 78c for 5lbs. So the entire batch of fries cost about 20 cents. Compare that to a bag of frozen french fries from your grocery store or fries from a restaurant.

And what about health? These fries are baked, the vitamin-loaded skin is kept on (though you could remove it if you wanted), and just a slight drizzle of heart-healthy extra virgin olive oil was added.

Freaking out about the salt? Don't. We need salt. The only reason it's a big deal for most Americans is because of the amount of processed food our nation eats or if your doctor has said to avoid it(high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) If you don't eat a lot of processed food, be sure to add an occasional sprinkle of salt. There's a reason we gravitate toward the sea, and it's not just the beautiful beaches. :)


Jen@Scrapingirl said...

I totally forget that you can make homemade fries. I am so gonna make these next week. We eat fries a lot and this makes me feel much better. Thanks for posting this.

More than a Mom said...

Thanks for the post. I'm always looking for inexpensive food ideas that are good and appetizing to my kids!

Noelle said...

I love home made fries, too, but next time I'm going to have friends over for all the potato chopping. I can do without that!

Sherries | Kids Bedding said...

Home made fries are great, but try slicing them thinly and bake them in the oven in Olive oil and some butter, it's healthier that way. I read in a a great cookbook by Salon Falon sometime ago.

Lindy said...

Sherrie~ Isnt that what Angela did? Bake them in the oven? Thats what her directions said. Maybe I missed something!
Angela~ Thanks! I do this all the time and my family loves it! I cant believe YOU didnt use organic potatoes! Living in Idaho I know how many pesticides they use. I know for a fact that farmers grow thier own plots of potates for themselves and thier families w/o the chemicals.
I just thought it was interesting that you used non-organic.

Anonymous said...

But potatoes aren't a vegetable they are a starch

Angela said...

We're still working out the kinks to going All-organic. :) I still have a bunch of non-organic potatoes left.

The amount of chemicals is atrocious, thanks for the reminder.

The NEW Mommiez Blend said...

I am soo making these tonight :) Burgers and fries! I have a nice little KitchenAid french fry slicer thingy. Works pretty good. It's an all in one apple slicer/potato slicer.

Lindy--oh man. No good about all the junk they use especially if the farmers grow thier own. Yikes. :(

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