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What size are you? I really have no idea what size I am. Every brand is so different. And beyond that, I'm a different size on top than on bottom. I recently had the chance to review a custom women's clothing company called eShakti and the experience was wonderful!

I've purchased clothes online and it's always been a guessing game. Then it's been hit-or-miss as to whether the item actually fits. Even when I shop in stores, things are usually only almost perfect.

My experience ordering was eShakti was so much easier. I just picked out the dress I wanted, entered in my measurements (admittedly, the only awkward part) and clicked submit. When the dress arrived a few days later, I took it out of the package, and the first thing I noticed was that there were no tags. No size label. It was exactly my size, and it fit perfectly!

I started to feel pretty good about my ability to measure myself, but the credit goes to eShakti. I mean, the dress really fit me exactly! The dress I selected is no longer online since they've updated their spring offerings. But go check them out. eShakti has a large selection of cute dresses, tops, jewelry, you name it.

The dress I selected was a black and cream handkerchief dress. It's so summery and flows beautifully. As soon as I tried it on, my daughter insisted that we dance. It was a dress made for dancing, she decided. So we danced. I twirled and let the skirt spin. I chose this particular dress because it's perfect for a summer party or evening out. Like a lot of the clothes at eShakti, it's very versatile. I'll be wearing it to a bunch of summer parties this year as well as on our vacation to Hawaii.

Since it's no longer available online, I'll post up a picture of myself wearing the dress shortly. I have to wait for a reliable picture taker to be available (4 and 5 year olds just don't cut it.) lol

*No compensation was received for this review. I did receive one complementary dress for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


Melonie said...

Oo, I'll have to check out their site! I *hate* trying on clothes at the store, and it's really hard to find things that fit right - let alone with kids "helping" me. This is right up my alley.

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