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If you've ever had a baby in your tummy, then you know how responsive they are to sounds and music. While pregnant with my son, I taught myself to play the cello and he danced and danced whenever I played. I also bought a few classical music CDs and played them often.

Technology has changed a lot since my babies were born and baby gear has changed right along with it. I was fortunate to be given the chance to review Belly Buds. I'm not expecting (ever again) so I gave them to someone that is expecting her 3rd. She agreed to try them out and share her experiences.

Here's an exerpt from her email to me:

Here's my take on the Bellybuds. I really enjoy music and like you, I had music playing a lot for my first child. But with my second and third pregnancies, I just feel like I haven't had the time to focus on the new baby. I know that sounds horrible. My biggest problem was getting them on without my other children touching them. The buds have to stay clean and can't be touched on other surfaces.

I also had to remember not to wear lotion if I was going to use them. Since I'm trying to avoid stretch marks, that was tough. I found that I didn't like wearing them while I was standing. It just seemed unnatural to me.I tried wearing the belly buds while cooking or doing daily activities first. They were comfortable but I was otherwise occupied and didn't feel like I was connecting to the baby.

I found the best way to use them was after my other children were in bed, when I could lie on the couch and just spend some time with my new baby. It's something I hadn't been doing enough of, and Bellybuds helped me to slow down and make some one-on-one time with her.

I've been able to take some time with her 3 or 4 times a week. It's a precious time and I'm thankful to be able to share music with her. I've been playing all sorts of music from my iPod and she reacts differently to each one.

The system was really easy to use and was small enough to store easily. I was happy that they had a fixed volume level. I would have worried about playing them too loud otherwise. Thank you for sharing them with me. And P.S. LOL about your suggestion to try them while exercising. I'm sure they'd work well, but you won't catch me exercising until a few months after she's born!

No compensation was given for this review. A special Thank you to Team Mom for providing the Bellybuds for review.


Gail Smith said...

Bellysonic can be worn regardless of how much lotion you put on. It's soft ao that you can wear it against the skin as well as over clothing. Pouch can hold your iPod, too.

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