Winner of the Vacuuming Olympics!

In preparation for our new kitty (who will be born in a few days,) I've become the vacuum queen. I have vacuumed more in this month than I've probably ever vacuumed. So sad, but it's true. Vacuuming is my least favorite household chore. That was until...... my husband bought me this:
For those of you who know what this is, you know why this has changed my vacuuming-outlook. It's a hide-a-hose central vacuum system. Yay! Why does this make vacuuming less of a pain? Because it's easier, lightweight, and less messy.

Before you jump to the conclusion that this was a very unfrugal purchase, let me assure you that it was worth it. My husband negotiated an amazing deal. We put this system into every level of our house for less than it would cost to buy a high quality vacuum for each level. And while it's not necessary to have a vacuum for each level, it's Soooo much easier if you do!

Before the central vacuum, I was dragging our large (and heavy) vacuum from floor to floor, stopping to empty and unplug quite often. It was a long, heavy, and messy process.

For the record, this is the first time I have ever had or used a central vacuum system, but let me give you the pros/cons from my experience.

The Pros of Central Vac
  • It's fast and easy: I just pull the hose out, vacuum quick, and it sucks itself back in the wall.
  • The components are so light! It's so easy to use, my kids have been begging to use it and they can!
  • It's a little bit fun, so I'm much more willing to vacuum.
  • We donated our old vacuum and now have so much more closet space!
  • It doesn't kick up or spit any dust out. Everything goes right into the garage canister.
  • The vacuum head pops off so quick and easy that I can use the same attachment for almost everything!
  • There is no plugging or unplugging!
  • No canister to carry up the stairs!
  • No canister to hit me in the legs!
  • No canister to run into walls or get stuck around corners.
  • The vacuum is so thin and easy to maneuver, I can easily get under all beds or into drawers.
  • My husband likes to use it! Did I mention it's fun?
The Cons of Central Vac
  • The upfront cost is more than you'd pay for a high quality vacuum.
  • There isn't the same satisfaction of seeing "the gunk" you remove since the canister is in the garage and doesn't need to be emptied often.
  • It's not as good of a workout since it's faster and the parts are lighter.
The only way it could be better would be if it vacuumed the house on its own. Oh wait, it kind of does in the kitchen. Check out how it easily sucks up any kitchen messes:

By the way....I usually get a much messier kitchen then the above video, but I was making this yummy granola and couldn't bear to spill any of it on the floor. So it was one of my cleaner kitchen days. ;)

Check out the yummy granola - made with just oatmeal, raisins, unsweetened coconut, cinnamon, honey, pecans, and almond butter. It was so yum!
*This is NOT a sponsored post. :)


CherylK said...

I had a central vac in one of my houses and I just loved it. Way more pros than cons, for sure. Cute video...that's a pretty slick way to get rid of crumbs on the kitchen floor!

Margaret said...

That is really a cool idea!!!!!!!! I want one too!

Central Vacuum Stores said...

Our company sells the Hide a Hose online, we put one in my own house after it was already built. Our customers do it all the time.

Angela said...

We're loving the Central Vac hide a hose. Do you sell the turbo cat zoom attachment?

Central Vacuum Stores said...

Yes we are the only authorized online distributor of Hide-a-Hose. My son sent me this link to your blog...he has one too. He has three small children and you can imagine how handy the Hide-a-Hose is. Do you mind if I link to this article in my blog, and send a trackback?

Angela said...

Sure, a trackback would be great. We have loved the hide a hose. And I'm literally vacuuming at least twice a day, just cuz it's fun. :)

Khrys { Mom of 3 Dolls } said...

I would love the central vacumming. Maybe with the house we would like to retire in!

I'm already following you but wanted to say hi for the Friday Follow :0)

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