Target Carries Unrefined Sea Salt!!

Just another reason to love Target - they now carry unrefined sea salt. I found it in my store at the very bottom of the salt section. The 9 oz bottle was $3 and some change, but the larger 28oz container was only $5 something. The larger size is a much better deal, but I wanted to try it out and gauge how much I'll be going through.

The good news: The only ingredient is unrefined sea salt - no silicon dioxide, no anticaking agents, no added iodine. However, this salt DOES contain iodine, as well as a bunch of other naturally occurring trace minerals. I haven't done the math, but I'm fairly certain this salt alone would not be an acceptable dietary supply of iodine. That's what yummy seafood (sushi counts!) is for. ;)


G-Zell said...

Hey Angela,

Oh man I haven't been here in a long time , so sorry... new year, new craziness... hard to keep up with everyone.

I hope your holidays were great!

I just love target! My favorite store in the whole world... that is great they carry that!


Shawna said...

I LOVE this salt! I have it in a bag with a spout right now and am nearing the bottom. Glad to hear I can pick it up at Target and not just the Natural Foods store! Angela, Did you notice your CostCo carrying Maranantha Almond Butter again? Eden Prairie, MN has it again. :)

Angela said...

I did, thanks. But I had already bought the Vitamix, so I'm committed to making it at home. ;) That's how it goes sometimes.

The Cookie Girl said...

Hi! Stopping by from SITS today.
Don't you just love it when you find ew things at your favorite store. :)
I love using sea salt in my dishes too.
Have a great Sunday!

Deb K said...

I am following you from MBC FFF!

Cute Blog and I am going to Target to look for this~I love trying new things!

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