Our Cat Sleeping in Her Bed

LOL! I really have a lame sense of humor. My daughter thinks it's fun to curl up in the cat bed we made, and I just happened to catch her with the camera. I know I said I didn't want to post pictures of my kids, but they are just so darn funny. So although my mother doesn't deserve to see them, if she's reading my blog then whatever.

On a less depressing note, our cat was born a week and a half ago. And one of the babies below will be our new kitty.
I've been anxiously awaiting our cat's birth and have had crazy dreams about adopting a shelter cat. In reality, I really wanted a used cat. And unlike most people, I actually prefer cats to kittens. Just a few weeks ago, I had a dream that we had a white, spotty colored cat at our house and she was so loving and perfect. I asked my husband why we couldn't just keep her, and he agreed. So...we went to the shelter again. I saw a white, spotty cat and she was so loving. My kids adored her. She was so calm and affectionate. And yet she was playful. My son had no reaction to her and started to think maybe I had finally had an accurate premonition.

But then I saw my husband huddled in the corner, sneezy and puffy. His knuckles were red. His face was all contorted and he was very, very uncomfortable. I've thought alot about that cat. She would have been a beautiful addition to our family. But I've let it go and focused my energy on praying that she finds a loving home.

And we're finally starting to get things ready for our new cat. She will be coming home in about 8 weeks. My husband unanimously agreed with me that we should buy the most natural and healthy cat foods. Yay!!! He's very good at bringing my lofty goals down (sometimes crashing down!) into reality. But he agreed with me on our cat's nutrition, just not on her name. There's always something. ;)


Mary said...

I'm very happy for you. Our cat--now almost 15--was found in a box with his three siblings and mother, along with some dry cat food and an old sweater. A bit of a sad start, but all four found homes. In terms of the cat food, I really agree that better quality food is the way to go. Your cat will be healthier and you won't need to worry about supplements if you use higher-quality food. In the end, I think it comes out the same in cost or even less expensive than the cheaper pet food. We also grow organic catnip in our garden.

Jaime said...

Your daughter is so funny! And those kittens are too cute! I have been reading your blog in secret. I have something for you. Check it out when you get a chance.

Angela said...

I'm new to the whole catnip business, but if we use it, I'll be planting it this spring. Organically, of course. :)

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend Organix brand cat food. Its WONDERFUL! I have been feeding it to my nine fur babies for years now and they are all very healthy!

Angela said...

9 Fur babies, I'm jealous. :) thanks for the tip

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