How a Frugal Girl cleans the toilet - a Vlog!

A few months ago, Money Saving Mom posted about disposable toilet brushes and how she was frustrated about only being able to clean one toilet with each brush. When I saw that post; I thought, "Hey, I use those to clean more than one toilet all the time!" And so I made a video of myself cleaning 2 toilets with one disposable toilet brush.
Be advised that the toilets being cleaned are dirty. So embarrassing! I do clean our toilets every 2 weeks (and more often if someone is sick or visiting.) I also recognize that disposable brushes are not the most earth-friendly option. I bought hundreds (yes hundreds) of these for pennies a piece back when I was a mad couponer. At this point, it seems less green for me to throw them in the trash or give them to someone else that would use them for one toilet, then to just use them myself, 2 toilets at a time.

Near the end of the video I get noticeably flustered and start mispronouncing words (it's Anti-mic-rob-ial, lol). That's because while holding a camera and washing my toilets, my two children had finally caught up to me and were trying to get in the video. I was trying to keep them quiet and end the video as soon as possible. Such is the life of a mom. :)

Here are the items I use to routinely clean my toilets:
I use the disposable toilet brush, an antimicrobial (silver impregnated) microfiber towel, and a toilet pumice stone. That's it! Some day, I will run out of my disposable cleaners and I'll switch to a natural, non-toxic cleaner and brush, but the other two items will remain the same.

The pumice has lasted for years. And it's invaluable for removing hard water, rust, and other toilet stains. I'm not sure which surfaces are safe to use with it, but it's never scratched any of our toilets.

I use microfiber towels without soap or chemicals for all of my house cleaning. Floors, toilets, counters, appliances, windows, you name it. I use separate ones in the kitchen and bath.

It costs very little to keep our toilets clean and sparkling. Even when I have to buy a new brush and eco-friendly cleaner, I'm fairly certain it won't make a huge dent in our budget. So in case you ever wondered, you can clean toilets easily and inexpensively.


One Cluttered Brain said...

Hey maybe I should make a vlog of me cleaning my toilet? Where is your video anyway? :)
That's pretty cool! Keep up the cleaning!

Victoria said...

Call me crazy, but I don't mind cleaning toilets. And I love Money Saving Mom!

Following from MBC FFF. :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I hate this task. Thanks for new tools and ways to make it better.

Angela said...

That's annoying! It took blogger a long time to upload the video. Who knew it was going to eat it? lol

I'll try again to upload it. :(

blueviolet said...

I really want to move to a disposable brush! Those ones that sit next to the toilet kinda skeeze me out!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

still no vlog....I was looking forward to it!

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