Your Shape for the Nintendo Wii

Earlier this month, HouseParty gave me the chance to try out Your Shape for the Nintendo Wii. I love fitness games, I love video games, and I love exercising, so I was so excited to get this game.

What I liked about this game:
  • It was really fun to see myself exercising on the screen. It was awesome in the way that working out in front of a mirror is awesome. I could see myself do the moves, I could see if I was doing it correctly, and I could see if anyone was watching me from behind.
  • The moves were good and there weren't extensive breaks, so you could get a legitimate workout from this game.
  • You could select your workout time: 15, 30, or 45 minutes.
  • The webcam can be used with your computer, so it's serves a dual purpose.

What I didn't like about the game:
  • The camera sensor just didn't seem to like my arms. I was clearly doing the moves correctly and even when I was "in sync" with Jenny, I got constant reminders to "watch" my arms. Even though this didn't stop the game (thank goodness or I would have chucked it in my goodwill bag) it was still annoying.
  • There are a few sections (like the Yoga workout) where there is very little instruction but you're in poses that do not allow you to look at the screen. After time if you memorize the moves, you'll be set, but in the beginning it's frustrating.
  • I play our Wii in the family room, so I found it a little distracting to see other people and rooms of my house on the screen. I would notice things that needed to be picked up or little faces randomly popping into the screen. It's an easy fix to play the game somewhere that you won't experience distractions, but I'm just saying.

What was funny about the game:
  • In the beginning, the game "scans" your body and gives you recommendations on which areas to work. I was prepared to hate the game if it told me to work on my legs, but surprisingly it told me to work on my chest. Hmmmm..... Yes, I'm small in the chest area, but the game obviously doesn't know I can throw out some mean military-style push ups (with preschoolers on my back!) So I guess, either way I was going to be offended by the games choice for me. lol
  • The game overall was fun! I like to mix up my exercise routines and I'll definitely keep this in the mix. I may have Exercise ADD, but in the end it always keeps my body guessing.
*This was an uncompensated review. I received the game as part of my HouseParty package and chose to share my opinions on my own.


Small Sprouts said...

Thank you for the candid review! I have been wanting to purchase a workout Wii game, but did not want to waste my money!

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

I've been wondering what that game was like. That may be my next wii purchase. Thanks for letting us know. :)

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