Reduce the Sugar in your Cereal

A few weeks ago, I posted that General Mills is planning to decrease the sugar in their popular kid's cereals. I'm happy about that announcement, but you can take steps right now to decrease the amount of sugar you're family is eating with every bowl you pour.

Almost every sugary cereal has a low-sugar counterpart. The picture below shows our favorite mix.
When I first open the box, I pour a 50/50 mix of both boxes. Once the boxes are half-full, I dump the "plain" cereal into the sugary cereal box and shake it up. Then we just pour the mix from the sugar box. It tastes the same to us, and we cut the sugar by at least 30-40%.

I have friends that mix any sugary cereal with any plain one, but I prefer to only mix cereals that match.

Here are a couple suggestions:
  1. Honey Nut Cheerios (or any other flavored Cheerios) mixed with Cheerios
  2. Raisin Bran (or any Raisin Bran Extras) mixed with bran flakes (or just add raisins to Total or other bran flakes)
  3. Special K Red Berries (or other flavors) mixed with Special K
  4. Coco Krispies mixed with Rice Krispies
  5. Coco Puffs (or other flavored round cereals) with kix
  6. Cinnamon Life cereal with regular Life cereal
  7. Frosted Flakes mixed with corn flakes
  8. Shredded Mini Wheats with Shredded Wheat
  9. Granola mixed with plain old fashioned oatmeal
  10. Flavored check with rice, corn, or wheat chex


Margaret said...

That is a really great idea.

Angela C said...

I have never thought about doing this, Great idea!

frosty said...

If you have one of those huge cereal plastic containers you could mix it right away.

Jessica-MomForHim said...

You know we are HUGE cereal mixers at our house. We just let the kids mix whatever two (or three) cereals they want. They know which ones are the sugary ones and which ones are the healthier ones, and can pick one of each. We always have at least 5 boxes of cereal open at any given time.

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Oh, we also mix our oatmeal. We always mix a flavored oatmeal packet and add some plain minute oats, then mix and microwave. Still tastes sweet and the oatmeal packets go farther this way, too.

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