Just Dance for the Nintendo Wii

When's the last time you set foot in a dance club? That's what I thought.... Dancing all night is a part of my life that disappeared long ago, but not anymore! As part of my Your Shape party, I received Just Dance for the Nintendo Wii.  In all honesty, I love this game!

It's tons of dancing fun. I loved the music. I even loved the faceless dancers on the screen. What I didn't love is my inability to win on this game, but once I let that go, it was so much fun! It's definitely the kind of game you play with all your drapes closed, by yourself (or with your innocent young kids), and dance all night until you are so sweaty that you need to change your clothes.

Somehow, I agreed to play this game in front of my best girlfriends, and that is freaking me out a bit. It's one thing to play this with your little kids (they loved it too) but to play with adults....it's going to be an experience. Though I'm going to be embarrassed to sweat it out in front of my friends, I think this would be an awesome game for teenage girls to play at a slumber party.

And for the sweating....is this a good workout? Yeah. It's not a muscle building workout, but it is a good cardio workout. And laughter is good medicine, right? If you were easily frustrated by Dance Dance Revolution,you may experience a similar frustration with this game. But unlike DDR, you won't get boo'ed and your game won't end just because you aren't hitting the moves at the right time. You can be a wild, dancing fool (not following a single step) and still have a lot of fun with this game. Just don't expect to win.

*This review is based on my opinion of games I own and have played. No compensation or products were received for this review.


Elise said...

Interesting post - thank you ! Happy New Year too

Stacie said...

I am glad you posted a review on this as I was looking into getting this. Do you have to have a dance mat for this?

I'm Rebekah said...


Happy New Year. Hope you have a great one ahead!!

Working Mommy said...

That looks like a great game!! The man got me a Wii fit for Christmas and we just opened it last night. I must say - my abs hurt in places I never knew I had! LOL!


Sue said...

We got this as part of the houseparty.com Jenny McCarthy Wii game. The kids (ages 3 and 5) LOVE it. It's fairly easy to pickup the moves. I agree that the point system is ridiculous -- The remote is too sensitive to movement or there is a time delay in it registering that you've stopped dancing at the appropriate times (Yes folks, there's a "freeze dance" type game.)

tiffanybeth said...

ummm i grew up in las vegas and have only been in 2 clubs but this looks cool and we have a wii and i love to dance also happy new year

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