Homemade Quality - LOL

I make a lot of my own things and sometimes it intimidates my friends. But I don't do it to be a "super mom." I make stuff because it's fun for me and because it usually saves us quite a bit of money.

But to show you that "homemade" doesn't always mean "awesome," I thought I'd show you my children's blankies.

I made them with the super soft minky fabric (love it) and scraps of my wedding dress. I know that sounds sacriligous but seriously, was I ever going to wear it again? I'm hoping not to anyway!

But with everything, hindsight is 20/20 and wedding dress satin isn't really machine washable. Their poor blankies have been through the wash a zillion times and the satin has long since worn away. They still love them and carry them everywhere. But the blankies are beyond embarrassing. My children love to tell people "my mom made me this" and I try to hide when people see the ratty construction of their overly loved blankies.

I can only imagine how my "homemade" mice will hold up to the impending cat attacks. ;)


The girl with the flour in her hair said...

I really love the idea of incorporating your wedding dress into something like this! Even if it didn't hold up. :)

If it makes you feel any better, my daughter's blanket looks similar and it's not handmade...in fact, I spent good money on it. It's just been well loved! :)

Lafe's Hidden Treasures said...

I think this is precious and love the idea!

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

When I first saw the pictures, I thought you were trying to figure out what other fabric to put in there. :) That is quite funny. Using your wedding dress was very smart. What are we gonna do with those things? :)

Sophia's Mom said...

I know it's embarrassing but it is just the sweetest story I've heard about a homemade item.


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