Heelys Hx2 Review

When is rollerskating just as cool as inline skating? When the skates are inside your sneaks! I bet you've heard of Heelys but did you know they're not just for kids? Now that's what I'm talking about!

I love inline skating. That's love with a capital L. I thought I was relegated to a skate free-existance until my children were old enough to brave our hilly neighborhood. Not anymore! They make Heely's in mom-sizes!

And yes: schools, malls and stores ask you not to wear them. But when have I ever followed those kind of crazy rules?  I'll skate, and I'll skate 'til I can't skate no more!

Even better, Heelys has now come out with their Hx2 version - for younger kids! How are they different from other Heelys shoes?  Instead of one large wheel, Hx2s have two smaller, removable wheels in each shoe.

This makes it easier for kids to maintain balance and doesn't require as much leg strength to lift their toes to skate. Once they get better at skating, they can take out the second wheel and whallah - regular Heelys!

My kids have been staring at "big kids" skating around in their shoes for years and were devastated that Heelys only came in the "big kid" sizes.

But to be honest, they weren't really coordinated enough for Heelys yet - not until they tried the Hx2 shoes. My son got to try out a pair - in the basement and at the mall - until we are finally snow and ice free around here.

They rocked. Oh yeah - I got to try a pair too. You can even coordinate your shoes to have a real "mommy and me" look. That's still cute at this age. It took a little bit for us to get used to them but they were super fun.

I am so wearing these on theme park vacations and to state fairs. Heck they even rule for getting a crusty parking spot at the store (provided you are snow/ice free).  I will definitely wear these while out shopping - just not yet. I'm still shopping with one child and since she's Heelys-free, the fun of skating would be ruined by her screaming to catch up to me.

Overall, I'd recommend these. Childhood is all about fun - so let them roll!

*This is not a compensated post. My son and I both received complimentary Heelys for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.


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