Good Butter, Bad Butter, Expensive Butter!!

In my quest to eat more real, natural foods; butter has been a stumbling block. I like the taste of butter, but I hate the saturated fat of butter. Blah! I just can't get over it. All of the books I've been reading lately suggest that grass fed butter is much healthier than corn-fed butter products. Okay, I can believe it. I can believe that grass-fed butter in moderation might be okay. But everywhere I find grass-fed butter, it costs about $8-9/lb. That's not a typo!

So I've been ruminating on these little numbers for quite some time. I considered organic butter, but that's still from mainly grain-fed cows. And organic butter is about $4/lb. Friends, I only buy butter when it's 48-98c/lb during the holiday season. It freezes well and we don't use it all that often.

But that's a lie. I have been buying the little butter tubs. I loved the land o lakes butter and olive oil spread because the only ingredients were cream, olive oil, and salt. It seemed natural and less saturated. But after thinking about it for awhile, I realized that "olive oil" doesn't mean the highest quality olive oil AND for a mere 7oz I was paying between $1.40-$2.15 depending on sales and coupons. That's between $3.20-$4.91 per pound!

Check the cost of the little butter tubs that are in your refrigerator! I was shocked. I thought I was getting a good deal! Suddenly, organic butter seems affordable and grass-fed butter costs don't seem so dramatic. Plus, with more spendy butter, I may be inclined to use less. Bonus!

In the meantime, I still have a lot of "regular" butter in my freezer. So I've been making my own butter/olive oil spread. It was easier than I thought. I mix the butter I bought for 48c/lb this Thanksgiving with first pressed extra virgin olive oil in a 3:1 ratio. I'm even reusing the Land O Lakes butter tub.
This picture was taken mid-mix. Give it a try! You just may come up with a tasty combination for so much less than the commercial butter tubs.


beenomom said...

Funky! I never thought of making my own blend! I usually by Smart Balance because, like you, the thought of all that saturated fat and cholesterol in butter makes me shiver. I have to ask you though because I here you talk about it a lot on here:

Why do you buy first cold pressed olive oil? Why is it better?

Mary said...

I'm just curious where you find butter at about 50 cents/lb. Where I live (in southern New England) the sale price of standard butter is more like $2/lb. Over the holidays, it was occasionally below that level, but not by much. Organic butter is $5/lb or closer to $6/lb. I haven't looked into butter from grass-fed cows. It would only be available at a very pricey natural foods store, so I'm guessing it's at least $10/lb.

Angela said...

We have super valu and roundy stores around here and they have butter as an extreme loss leader during the holidays. It was at 98c/lb for both stores for about 2 weeks, and spent one week at 48c/lb. :)

Angela said...

First Pressed extra virgin olive oil is the least refined. Like all things (sniffles) olive oil goes through all sorts of refinement. First pressed extra virgin comes from the first refinement step, it tastes the most like "olive oil" and is sold for the highest cost. Then it's processed further and the others are called light olive oil, virgin olive oil, and just plain olive oil. Check out this wiki for a little better detail. :)

Sometimes I see them say cold pressed or expeller pressed and that means pressed from the olive without heat. Which means the oil will be more intact (less rancid). I'm not sure how important it is with olive oil but it's also involved with a lot of the other vegetable oils and coconut oil.

I'm trying to buy and use things that are as unprocessed as possible. Sometimes it costs more but there are so many "uncalculated" costs.

Katie said...

We spend about $11 a lb on raw grass fed butter. But you want to eat MORE not less! Eat fat to lose fat (even though I know you don't want to lose wieght). Butter is GOOD for you! We go through about a lb a week and that is me trying to stretch it. Me and my 2 kids can easily go through one stick in the morning alone if we aren't careful. You should have some bread with your butter not butter with your bread.

Cara said...

I add a 1/2 c. water when mixing this butter/olive oil mixture together. It helps it to spread nicely and lowers the fat a bit.

Candi said...

Have you tried making your own butter from the organic whipping cream? Tyler Florence did it on food network in a food processor. Might be worth a try if you are in a pinch.

Angela said...

That's an awesome idea! I recently saw that too! I've been looking for grass-fed whipping cream. That way I can make a little whipped cream and save the rest for butter and buttermilk. Thanks for the tip!

Katie said...


An article I thought you'd like. Talks about saturated fats, and butter.

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