Giving Gifts to your Friends and Family

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of All opinions are 100% mine.harvest I've always had a tough time choosing the right gifts for people. We work hard at finding gifts that have meaning to the recipient and also show some of our values or interests. I try to find gifts for the friends in my life through out the year, both to save money and sanity. If I have a whole year to think about "what" to buy, it's so much easier. But this year, we were down to the wire on some of our best friends. We hadn't found something for them and ended up scrambling the weekend before Christmas.

For Christmas 2010, I'm starting early. I'm keeping my eyes and ears open for any great gift ideas.

Today I came across the perfect gift for someone special. The people we have the hardest time shopping for just happen to be our next door neighbors. Like all good friends, we share and learn from each other. We've helped them to learn to live with and love the wild forest behind our homes.

We'll be tapping our shared Maple trees this winter, and I think a bird feeder would be an excellent gift for them! I'm really loving the Avant Garden Cupola from the Heritage Collection of Bird Feeders. It would even match their outdoor lighting. I could even imagine giving this gift to my sisters or a special teacher.

They have such a great selection of bird feeders. I liked the Heritage Collection the most, but there were all sorts of styles. I'm actually embarrassed of our bird feeder now. It just may be time to upgrade.

We have a tremendous amount of animal life in our own backyards and I'm looking at bird feeders to specifically attract more of the Pileated woodpeckers and hummingbirds. Our sightings of them are few and far between, but we'd love to see them more often. If we can accomplish that with a little more style it's all the better.
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ApachesPrincess said...

I agree, sometimes I feel like there area hundred of things I want to buy ore make for someone, but when the time comes, I can't think of anything! Grrr!

Also, good luck with tapping your maple trees!! My grandparents have been doing it for years and my family has helped, it is a lot of fun, and the results are awesome!!

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