Free Cat Beds

As we are preparing for kitty, I've had fun making cat toys and researching the best food options. I have a feeling that our kitty will sleep wherever she pleases, but just in case, I've been digging through things to make a few comfy spots for her.
Since she'll be living in the laundry area for the first few days (until she feels like joining the rest of us), I put together this free bed with a basket and an old baby blanket. The basket was originally free and the blanket was a gift. So all free to me. :)

Then I made two beds out of a few used towels. We still have all of our towels from our college days (and they originally came as donations from our parents' old collections.) My husband recently told me it was time for them to go. I couldn't handle throwing out perfectly good towels, so I hid them in the back of the closet. Hoarding, anyone? But I knew they would have a purpose!
I made this bed as a prototype. It's a little ugly but now that I've got my measurements down, I can make one out of prettier kitty fabric.

I also made a flat, tufted square bed like the one in the December issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine. My kids have since ran off with it, so I have no photos, but it's blue and square, lol. It's going to be her grooming bed because I can wash it each time it's used. Once I find it again.....


5thsister said...

Kitty's going to love her new digs!

Midnite Skys said...

Miss Ambassador, who loves everyone has taken to the laundry basket full of towels I swear she hasn't moved in the last 24 hours! But they love to lay on the towels and blankets that are laying anywhere. Your kitty will love these beds!!!!!!!

Melinda said...

we just got 2 kittens ourselves...great idea :)

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