Big Brain Academy for Nintendo Wii

Did you get a Wii for Christmas only to find that most of the games are geared towards older kids and adults? We have a game called Big Brain Academythat appeals to the whole family. We've had this game for 2 years, but my children only recently became capable of playing it on their own. They are 3 1/2 and 5, and they're ability to play the game directly coincided with their ability to use the computer mouse.

What I love about this game:
It's fun and educational. The whole family CAN play this game. You can play on your own or in competitions. Much like the Wii Fit, it will most likely give you a dismal brain score on your first try. But you'll have plenty of chances to practice and improve the speed and functioning of your brain in each category.

There are 5 brain categories (Analyze, Compute, Visualize, Memorize, and Identify.) Whenever you complete a brain test (no worries: it's fun,) you will receive a brain mass and a drawing of your brain's strengths and weaknesses. This is fun and helpful. I find it extremely frustrating when I do poorly in a brain category.

We've been playing the game nonstop all Christmas vacation and my brain is lacking in the compute department. Of course, this means I have been practicing the compute games nonstop, slowly increasing my brain mass bit by bit. Why am I so bad at the compute section??? It really makes me angry. I zoomed through 6 semesters of Calculus in college, was at the top of my class in all of my Quantum Mechanics and upper level science courses, and was even sought out by the Dean of Biochemistry to work full time with her after Graduation.

I thanked her but let her know I'd be perusing a job in sales. She was devastated and said I was "wasting my brain". And waste my brain I did! But not in my sales my role as a stay at home mom. Really I think it's a problem of focus and just not using these skills in the last 6+ years. I'm working on it and am slowly building my brain abilities despite the noise and distractions.

Younger children can play this game, but will most likely need help from parents to run the remote. My 3 year old is great at the game, but before she could play it on her own, she would tell me what to select and I'd run the remote for her. I'd say it's best for 4+, but not really for under 3 years old.

I love games like this because they are brain exercise. Just like we need to exercise our bodies to stay healthy, we need to exercise our brains.

What I don't like about this game:
The only downside to the game is the talking professor. We call him "the peanut." He talks a lot. The good news is you can push the A button through his "talking" but you still need to push through quite a few thought bubbles to get to the next section. It's a minor inconvenience, but an inconvenience none-the-less. It's my one major complaint.

*This is not a compensated review. Just my thoughts about a game my family owns and plays.


blueviolet said...

I love that you call him the peanut! LOL

I really like puzzle/thinking games!

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