A baby update

A few months ago, my spider plant started producing "babies" for the first time ever. I transplanted those babies and here's a look at how they are doing today. I'm planning to move them to bigger pots soon. With the 2 babies, I am now up to 8 live houseplants. We are cleaning up our indoor air, one green friend at a time.


WebSavvyMom said...

-->I do the same thing and recently did it with an umbrella plant. I have long roots on one and two more sitting in water to get to that point.


Lindsey said...

I love all my house plants :)
I have a new love: the avocado plant! Its fun to start growing and you can actually eat your own grown avocados...well in about 14 years!

-Lindsey http://mcaulayfamily.blogspot.com

Michele said...

Yayayayay... so cool when that happens!!

Angela said...

LOL - 14 years to tasty avocados. I hope they are well worth the wait. :) Hmmm....maybe I should get started now. In 2024, we may have our first avocado...is it okay to grow at 64 degrees? LOL

Christi said...

I love it! I'm obsessed with propigating my houseplants to the point that we can't give them away anymore. LOL! I do it with spiders, african violets and all of my vining plants. It's a great way to get my garden fix in the winter time too!

Working Mommy said...

If I had plants, they wouldn't be so lucky...I'm not exactly in possession of a green thumb!!


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