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We are trying to make every product we use in our home more natural and more organic. So when Live Well Brands asked me to sample their organic and natural personal lubricants, I said why not. Then I realized I'd have to write about it and suddenly I was super shy. But seriously, going green is important to me. And so is choosing natural products! What we put on our body is just as important as what we put in them. So putting all teenage akwardness aside, let me tell you about Aloe Cadabra's products.

Aloe Cadabra personal lubricants come in three great scents: French Lavender, Tahitian Vanilla, and Natural. They all smelled wonderful, but the Natural scent was my favorite. I prefer most things scent-free, but I have to say that both the lavender and vanilla scents were pleasant and not overbearing. The best part about these products: the ingredients! There wasn't a super long list of ingredients. Just a short list of natural ingredients, with certified organic aloe vera listed first. In fact, the products are 95% organic aloe vera.

So in all honesty, I did try these products out. But in all modesty, my only detail will be that they worked well, without any icky smells or sticky, chemical residues. And I felt good making a more natural and eco-friendly choice in yet another area of our lives. Really, this is an area where we should be very aware of what products we are putting on our bodies.

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