Where to babies come from ~ Tell me Now!

As we get nearer to Christmas, I'm reminded of what happened last year. Right in the middle of church service. Our children were sitting next to us, so calm and content fidgety and flustered. It was silent in the church and my son quietly asked me "mom, where do babies come from".

I leaned over and whispered "I told you, from a mom's tummy." He replied (a little louder this time) "NO, I mean how do they get out?" "I'll tell you later," I respond.

To this he belts out: "NO! Tell me NOW! I want to know how babies get out NOW!" Think, think, think....I answer, "they just pop out!" "Okay" he says and the drama ended.

Holy buckets! Are you serious? That's all it took? I thought we'd be the star of Christmas as we relayed all the events leading up to delivery. But thankfully it ended there.

My husband once tried to tell him that the doctor just pulls the baby right through the mom's tummy. "Oh he said, that's how mom's tummy got all wrecked." Thanks!

He seems to think that these made up stories are better and I prefer the truth. The question is: which answer is the crazier one? Both stories seem pretty unbelievable and weird.

I can hardly wait until we have to explain how they got into mom's tummy....they'll never look at us the same way again.


Jenny said...

Yeah, I'm not looking forward to that talk either...and I'm a childbirth educator!

Cindy said...

My son asked me if it was like pooping. I said yes. He's 5. I'm concerned about the next question.

Just Playin' said...

Pooping,popping out...it's all the same. You're right. It's the next question that's the tough one. Good luck when it comes.

Stefanie said...

what a great story! (...and good luck with the next round of Q's) :)

Have a wonderful holiday!

(...stopping by from MBC)

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