We need to get out more....

When it comes to dating each other, my husband and I are huge ZEROS! We haven't been on a date in months, and that was after a considerably longer dry spell. I can honestly count on both hands how often my children have had a babysitter in the last 5 1/2 years. That includes grandparents.

Part of it is because I just don't trust babysitters. Part of it is because I don't like to ask for help or be a burden on others. And part of it is because I'm "cheap." I know what you're thinking - "nah.... you're not cheap...lol," but it is a factor.

Right now the JuiceBoxJungle widget in my sidebar (huge green box to the right...you can't miss it) is running a  poll to see how often we mom's get out on dates. The stats I've seen so far do not look good! I read a lot (okay ALOT) and every book I read suggests keeping a weekly date night. I usually gloss over that section knowing it won't happen.

Inside the widget you'll be able to find hot deals from Restaurants.com to help if you want to go out to eat. Surely we're savvy enough to find some good deals for dates, but the babysitter issue is always going to be a struggle.

Maybe I'm just too controlling and as they're getting older, it's probably time to let go a little. I did hire a babysitter when I went to the DealPro event. I hired one of my neighbor's summer nannies (sounds rough, right?) I hired her because I saw her at the park, pool, and out playing with kids all summer. She seemed great, and she was. She made crafts and bracelets with my daughter all day and built inventions with my son. She made them all sorts of cheese and marshmallow treats. She was great. But....she wore shoes in the house. She's fired.


MOMMY-MOMO said...

haha! i'm weird about babysitters too. but feel comfortable burdening my Mom. hehe she loves it. so we get some alone days about once a month. sometimes more. It is important to make a point to get one on one time. you can be creative. doesnt always have to cost money. sometimes we just get coffee and look around barnes n noble. walk the beach, bike rides, etc. totally understand though. its hard! i wish we had more sitters i trusted with my prized possession :)

littledeadmommy said...

Our son will be 2 in Feb and we have only been on two dates. I have a really hard time trusting anyone with my son(something terrible happened to someone close to me and that doesn't help with it).
I live out in the middle of nowhere and that makes it even more difficult. The last date we went on, we drove over an hour to drop our son off at Grandma's. Maybe when our kid is a little older it will get easier.

i_wander said...

lol for the last part! ^_^ but the first ones were totally true. DH and I never had a real date since we got kids. the simple trips to the grocery store or even running an errand for mom (which of course we're in together coz he has to drive me) were all considered as our date. that's all because i can't find someone who can babysit or look after my kids. maybe when they're older or maybe when i can find someone whom i can really trust.

btw, thanks for sharing!

Michele Horne said...

I am in the same boat with my husband and 3 kids. We rarely get out, but we tried a little harder this year and I used some of these ideas that I put on my blog for cheap or free dates.. http://www.ayummymommy.com/2009/02/cheap-dates.html

My husband really appreciated us trying to get a little more alone time, sometimes they are left behind after we have the children and thats where marriages start to fall apart!

Short On Cents said...

Angela I am so not kidding we have to meet up sometime LOL everytime you post something it is exactly my life you weren't kidding maybe we were twins separated at birth LOL : ) Hope your feeling better!

Sophia's Mom said...

I have also read a lot about the benefits of date night but we never get around to it!

We have been trying to have a quiet dinner just the 2 of us at home after the baby goes to sleep but there is nothing romantic about it!

Maybe that will be our new year's resolution! Hope it doesn't go down the drain like all the other ones!


Glad you figured out how to fix your feed!

Lisa said...

Yeah, this is so us right now! We used to be better at getting out but we've slacked lately. We need this!

Hopefully we'll all be better at making it a priority in 2010~

Lisa @
All That and a Box of Rocks

Lindy said...

Ok Gals! This needs to happen. My husband and I live in a state where we have no family so we are on our own as far a baby sitters. I have come up with a few ideas to help up in that area. I too do not trust my kids w/ just anyone. But now that my son is 6 and old enough to tell me what is happening and my daughter is 2 1/2 I fell a little more confident in leaving them.
We have started trading with another couple for watching the kids. I works out great. My husband and I get our date nights and the kids get to have friends over a couple times a month.
I have also considered starting a friday or saturday night babysitting co-op. I would get four families that we know with kids and we would each have a friday night to watch the kids and then have 3 friday nights available for date night. I know the kids would love it and I know my husband and I would also! Make it a priority for the new year! Your relationship will benefit!

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