Vegan Cinnamon Rolls - 73 calories each

Every Christmas, my husband's family makes an egg/sausage breakfast dish and that's become our tradition. I've always wanted to create my own tradition and I may have finally found it! Thanks to Angela at Oh She Glows, I have found an excellent Vegan cinnamon roll recipe. And each little roll is only 73 calories!

The only changes I made to her recipe were to use canola oil instead of margarine, and almond milk instead of soy. And as usual, when I remake someone else's recipe, mine turned out ugly but tasted great. I didn't wait for my cinnamon buns to cool before icing so my icing never turned out beautiful, but they tasted wonderful. All in all, it took me less than 20 minutes -start to finish. If I hadn't tried to talk on the phone at the same time and if I had waited for them to cool properly, mine may have looked a lot better.

Check out Angela's site for all kinds of great vegan recipes and exercise encouragement. Angela is a feisty runner, vegan baker, and cat owner. What's not to love!


Lorrie Briggs said...

Have you ever tried the glo bars? I was thinking about ordering some, but the shipping is almost as much as the bars. I would hate to spend that much money if they are not something I will like.

erica said...

Lol, I'm the same way...I can never wait for anything to cool. I love to eat stuff right when it's cooled just enough to and is still gooey and warm.
Thanks for commenting on my blog, and I'm following you too!

erica said...

oops, lol, i meant *just enough to eat*

Angela said...

I haven't tried the glo bars, but she sells a lot of them and her other recipes have all turned out great for me. I'm guessing they would be good.

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