Toy Shopping Sites - Review

Team Mom asked me to take a look at two helpful toy shopping websites. Here is a bit of information about each site: - Go to this site for safety informatihon, recall notices, play guides, and toy discussion groups.

My thoughts:
-I always wondered where to get recall notices. This site allows you to sign up for automatic recall alerts from the site. Awesome!
-I found the safety FAQ extremely helpful - Go to this site for all best rated toys, download gift shopping lists and register for 11 prize packages. You can even vote for your favorite toys.

My thoughts:
-I thought the winning toys were great.
-The site was easy to navigate and the categories were relevant to the children on my lists.
-I liked that the site listed prices, gave product links, and full product descriptions.
-I learned a lot about fun toys my kids would like.

Be sure to check these sites if you have or want to add toys to your list this year. I would personally use to find the toys you'd like to buy, and for important safety considerations. Happy shopping!

*This was an uncompensated review.


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