Thinking about Wool - a Review of Rambler's Way

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Ramblers Way. All opinions are 100% mine.

I've been thinking so much about animals we care for them and what we take from them. Animals offer us so much, and now that it's colder (honestly, it is so cold here right now!) I've been thinking about warm socks and sweaters.

When I think of wool, I instantly think of mittens even though I've never had wool mittens. I have owned two wool items in my life - a sweater and a pair of socks. I like wool because it is amazing at keeping in heat. I wore my wool sweater all through college. It's probably one of the main reasons I could walk for miles each day in weather well below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, I wore it almost every day. Nobody takes there coats off around here, so it was my little secret. But the socks...I had to ditch those for itchiness.

My sweater wasn't itchy, which everything...there is most likely a difference in quality among wools. I recently had the opportunity to review the line of worsted wool garments from Ramblers Way. Okay, seriously, when I saw their clothes, they never screamed "wool" to me. They have camisoles! They have short sleeved shirts, exercise clothing, and undies! Yes...all of that is made of wool!

I was completely shocked by the possibilities. I know what you're thinking...wool undies have got to be so itchy! If you read a bit on their site, you will see that their clothes are all lined with an itch-free base layer and made of super-fine wool so they can be warm, comfy, and thin. This is not your grandmother's wool! Imagine the options and the lack of bulk in the winter! As someone that keeps their house a toasty 64 degrees, I'm really liking the idea of superfine wool. I could imagine layering will these comfy items, but they are also designed to be cool and breathable during the summer.

Whats even better is the fact that Ramblers Way runs their farms in a sustainable, humane way. I spent a great deal reading about their animal husbandry practices and sustainable farm methods. And some time staring at the sheep pictures. All of their items are American made, chemical-free, and completely renewable. Gotta love it!

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Anonymous said...

I always thought wool was big and clunky. Those clothes look actually cool.

The Jerseymooners said...

Those are items I would love to try, but I would never be able to afford $47 undies!

Angie D said...

Those are pricey undies, but you don't have to wash wool as often, right? LOL

IMO, you get what you pay for and care and attention to detail would cost more.

Unknown said...

I'm not going to give my money to the guy that sold his once ethical business (Tom's of Maine) away to a highly unethical company (Colgate). I'm glad I did a quick internet search before I bought. I'm still so disappointed to find this.

That's why you can find "sponsored" reviews. He knows what he's doing.. He's advertising by false "word-of-mouth" because it appeals mostly to people who want to shop ethically for quality items.

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