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Have you tried If you're like me, you've probably seen people discussing it all over the blogosphere. I recently signed up for a free account and did some shopping. I spent a whopping $5 on two items we needed but didn't have on hand. I checked out because I had heard so much about the great deals and free shipping. Plus I heard they had great toilet paper prices, and I can not resist a toilet paper sale!

What did I find? On my first purchase, I bought a large bottle of hand soap and my favorite Kashi Granola. It was all I could do to keep from buying all the tasty varieties of freeze dried fruits. I had a plan that day to keep in our weekly spending budget and so I bought just two items. My total was just under $5 and shipping was free.

I've been back to a few times to scope out prices, especially since I am trying to find the best prices on organic and green items. If you've been to the site, you know that you can find thousands of different pantry, laundry, cleaning, and other household items. Shipping is always free and the deals are decent.

Here's a quick list of my best finds on
Laundry Detergent - reasonably priced, many green varieties, and free shipping
Toilet paper - good prices on good brands
Toilet cleaners - I'd get the green cleaners
Trash bags
Cat Food - in all my price checking, beat even Walmart and Target on cat food.
Freeze Dried Fruit - because I love it and it ships free.
Kashi products - These are some of my favorite organic snacks (love the granola!) and the prices on Alice beat my grocery stores

Okay, but what about the money I would have saved with coupons at the store? has automatic coupons for thousands of their items. It's easy to see the coupon value for each item, and the dollar amount is taken off automatically at checkout (no coupon clipping- yay!) There's also a bargain hunting section.

There's something to be said for time and convenience. You can find a lot of great prices on items you want, shipping is free, and it's easy. I received my first order in only a few days. If I can decide on a brand, I would definitely make this my monthly stop for cat food. I'll also be back when I finally run out of my non-green laundry detergent and toilet cleaners. And just like any grocery stop, I'll throw in whatever great deals I come across while I'm there. But from the comfort of my own home without any of the grocery store hassle (you moms with young kids know what I'm talking about!)

So check out and once you set up your free account, look into the Refer a Friend program (located under the "My Account" section.) It's an affiliate program so users can give their readers $10 off once $50 is spent on the site (that's a 20% discount). They also get 3% back of the purchases for a year. I haven't signed up for this yet, but am looking into it.

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Amity Me said...

wish i am near your place...:)

thanks for comin by my site, i'll add you up in my blog list...:)

nice meeting you here angela...:)

Kris said...

Great blog! Thanks for stopping by mine too! The Cajun Book Lady

Anonymous said...

It's free shipping even on heavy stuff like detergents?

Genny said...

Thanks for stopping by! Following from MBC! :)

Janine said...

Thanks for letting me know about! Sounds great, I'm going to scheck it out now!

Rose said...

I've gotten great deals at alice. I like it.

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